Sludge Wave

NameSludge Wave
Power Points10
RangeAll other Pokemon
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest Type
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
Diamond Machine
Black/White MachineTM34
BattleHas a 10% chance to poison the target.

See detailed breeding chart.

Ekans Poison M
Arbok Poison M
Nidoqueen Poison Ground M
Nidoking Poison Ground M
Dugtrio Ground M
Tentacool Water Poison 50 M
Tentacruel Water Poison 56 PM
Grimer Poison 44 M
Muk Poison 50 PM
Mew Psychic M
Wooper Water Ground M
Quagsire Water Ground M
Qwilfish Water Poison M
Shuckle Bug Rock M
Octillery Water M
Mudkip Water M
Marshtomp Water Ground M
Swampert Water Ground M
Gulpin Poison M
Swalot Poison M
Seviper Poison M
Crawdaunt Water Dark M
Cradily Rock Grass M
Gastrodon Water Ground M
Croagunk Poison Fighting M
Toxicroak Poison Fighting M
Tympole Water M
Palpitoad Water Ground M
Seismitoad Water Ground M
Trubbish Poison M
Garbodor Poison M
Frillish Water Ghost M
Jellicent Water Ghost M
Stunfisk Ground Electric M
Tornadus Flying M
Thundurus Electric Flying M
Landorus Ground Flying M