Index of Spells by Name Letters - C

Cacophonic Burst
Cacophonic Shield
Caligarde's Claw
Call Avalanche
Call Dretch Horde
Call Faithful Servants
Call Kolyarut (XP)
Call Lemure Horde
Call Lightning
Call Lightning Storm
Call Marut (XP)
Call Mount
Call Nightmare
Call Zelekhut (XP)
Calm Animals
Calm Earth (M)
Calm Emotions
Camel's Tenacity
Mass Camouflage
Capricious Zephyr
Cast in Stone
Cat's Grace
Mass Cat's Grace
Cause Fear
Greater Celerity
Lesser Celerity
Celestial Aspect
Celestial Blood (M)
Celestial Brilliance
Censure Elementals
Chaav's Laugh
Chain Contingency (F)
Chain Lightning
Chain Missile
Chain of Chaos
Chain of Eyes
Chains of Vengeance
Changestaff (F)
Changestones (F)
Channel Celestial
Greater Channel Celestial
Channeled Pyroburst
Chaos Hammer
Charge of the Triceratops
Charm Animal
Charm Monster
Mass Charm Monster
Charm Person
Mass Charm Person
Charnel Fire
Cheat (F)
Checkmate's Light
Chill Metal
Chill of the Grave
Chill Touch
Choking Sands
Choose Destiny
Circle Dance
Circle of Death (M)
Circle of Nausea
City Lights
City Stride
City's Might
Clarity of Mind
Claws of Darkness
Claws of the Bear
Claws of the Bebilith
Claws of the Savage
Clear Mind
Clenched Fist
Climb Walls
Cloak of Bravery
Greater Cloak of Bravery
Cloak of Chaos (F)
Cloak of Dark Power
Cloak of Shade
Cloak of the Sea
Cloak Pool
Clone (M) (F)
Close Wounds
Clothier's Closet
Cloud Chariot
Cloud of Bewilderment
Cloud of Knives
Cloud of the Achaierai
Cloud Spear
Cloud Wings
Clutch of Orcus
Cobra's Breath
Cocoon (XP)
Cocoon of Life (XP)
Cold Fire
Cold Snap
Color Spray
Column of Ice
Command Plants
Command Undead
Greater Command
Commune (XP)
Commune with City
Commune with Earth
Commune with Greater Spirit (M) (XP)
Commune with Lesser Spirit (M)
Commune with Nature
Comprehend Languages
Concurrent Infusions
Conditional Spell
Conduit Of Life
Cone of Cold
Cone of Dimness
Lesser Confusion
Conjure Greater Midnight Construct (M)
Conjure Ice Beast I
Conjure Ice Beast II
Conjure Ice Beast III
Conjure Ice Beast IV
Conjure Ice Beast IX
Conjure Ice Beast V
Conjure Ice Beast VI
Conjure Ice Beast VII
Conjure Ice Beast VIII
Conjure Ice Object
Conjure Lesser Midnight Construct (M)
Conjure Midnight Construct (M)
Conjurer's Toolbelt
Consecrate (M)
Consecrate Battlefield (M)
Constricting Chains (F)
Construct Energy Ward
Greater Construct Energy Ward
Construct Essence
Greater Construct Essence
Lesser Construct Essence
Mass Lesser Construct Essence
Consume Likeness (F)
Consumptive Field
Greater Consumptive Field
Contact Other Plane
Mass Contagion
Contagious Fog
Contagious Touch
Contingency (F)
Contingent Energy Resistance
Continual Flame (M)
Control Currents
Control Darkness and Shadow
Control Deathless
Control Elemental
Control Plants
Control Sand
Control Snow and Ice
Control Temperature
Control Undead
Control Water
Control Weather
Control Winds
Convert Wand
Mass Conviction
Corona of Cold
Corporeal Instability
Corpse Candle
Corrosive Grasp
Corrupt Weapon
Crack Ice (M)
Crawling Darkness
Creaking Cacophony
Create Crossroads and Backroad (XP)
Create Deathless (M)
Create Fetch
Create Food and Water
Create Greater Deathless (M)
Create Greater Undead (M)
Create Magic Tattoo (M)
Create Spirit Idol (XP)
Create Trap
Create Undead (M)
Create Water
Creeping Cold (F)
Greater Creeping Cold (F)
Creeping Darkness
Creeping Doom
Crisis of Confidence
Critical Strike
Cross of Lightning
Crown of Brilliance (M)
Crown of Despair
Crown of Flame
Crown Of Glory (M)
Crown of Glory 2
Crown Of Might
Crown of Protection
Crown of Veils
Cruel Disappointment
Crunchy Snow
Crushing Despair
Crushing Fist of Spite (M)
Crushing Hand
Crushing Sphere
Cry of Ysgard
Cure Critical Wounds
Mass Cure Critical Wounds
Cure Light Wounds
Mass Cure Light Wounds
Cure Minor Wounds
Cure Moderate Wounds
Mass Cure Moderate Wounds
Cure Serious Wounds
Mass Cure Serious Wounds
Curse of Ill Fortune
Mass Curse of Ill Fortune
Curse of Impending Blades
Mass Curse of Impending Blades
Curse of Lycanthropy (M)
Curse of Lycanthropy 2 (M)
Curse of Petty Failing
Curse of Spilt Water
Curse of the Brute
Curse of the Putrid Husk
Curse Water (M)
Cursed Blade
Curtain of Light
Cutting Hand
Cyclonic Blast