Index of Items by Category - Relic

Armor of the Fallen Leaves
Arrow - Raptor
Axe of Ancestral Virtue
Belt of the Champion
Boots of the Unending Journey
Bow of the Wintermoon
Censer of the Last Breath
Chain of Obeisance
Chromatic Rod
Cloak - Dragonscale
Cornucopia of the Needful
Cudgel that Never Forgets
Dagger of Denial
Enveloping Pit
Executioner's Hood
Gauntlets of the Blood-Lord
Gauntlets of the Talon
Gem of the Glitterdepth
Helm - Platinum
Helm of the Purple Plume
Hooked Hammer of the Heartfire
Map of Unseen Lands
Millennial Chainmail
Morningstar of the Many
Pipes of Frenzied Revelry
Rapier of Desperate Measures
Rapier of Unerring Direction
Robe of Ebonsilk
Rod of Reversal
Rod of the Recluse
Ruby Blade
Scrolls of Uncertain Provenance
Seed Pouch
Shard of the Sun
Shield of the Resolute
Shield of the Severed Hand
Spear of Retribution
Staff of the Unyielding Oak
Sword of Mighty Thews
Sword of Virtue Beyond Reproach
Tabard of the Disembodied
Tabard of the Great Crusade
Tome of Ancient Lore
Tome of the Stilled Tongue