Fire Blast

NameFire Blast
Power Points5
RangeOne Enemy
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest TypeBeauty
Red MachineTM38
Gold MachineTM38
Ruby MachineTM38
BattleHas a 30% chance of burning the opponent Pokemon.
ContestHighly appealing move. (Beauty, Appeal=4pts, Jam=0pt)

See detailed breeding chart.

Charmander Fire M
Charmeleon Fire M
Charizard Fire Flying M
Nidoqueen Poison Ground M
Nidoking Poison Ground M
Clefairy Normal M
Clefable Normal M
Vulpix Fire M
Ninetales Fire M
Jigglypuff Normal M
Wigglytuff Normal M
Growlithe Fire M
Arcanine Fire M
Machop Fighting M
Machoke Fighting M
Machamp Fighting M
Geodude Rock Ground M
Graveler Rock Ground M
Golem Rock Ground M
Ponyta Fire 53 M
Rapidash Fire PM
Rapidash Fire 63 PM
Slowpoke Water Psychic M
Slowbro Water Psychic M
Grimer Poison M
Muk Poison M
Cubone Ground M
Marowak Ground M
Lickitung Normal M
Koffing Poison M
Weezing Poison M
Rhyhorn Ground Rock M
Rhydon Ground Rock M
Chansey Normal M
Kangaskhan Normal M
Magmar Fire 57 PM
Tauros Normal M
Magikarp Water M
Gyarados Water Flying M
Flareon Fire M
Aerodactyl Rock Flying M
Snorlax Normal M
Moltres Fire Flying M
Dratini Dragon M
Dragonair Dragon M
Dragonite Dragon Flying M
Mewtwo Psychic M
Mew Psychic M
Cyndaquil Fire M
Quilava Fire M
Typhlosion Fire M
Cleffa Normal M
Igglybuff Normal M
Togepi Normal M
Togetic Normal Flying M
Slowking Water Psychic M
Dunsparce Normal M
Snubbull Normal M
Granbull Normal M
Slugma Fire M
Magcargo Fire Rock M
Remoraid Water M
Octillery Water M
Houndour Dark Fire M
Houndoom Dark Fire M
Magby Fire 49 M
Blissey Normal M
Entei Fire 71 M
Tyranitar Rock Dark M
Ho-oh Fire Flying 44 M
Torchic Fire M
Combusken Fire Fighting M
Blaziken Fire Fighting M
Slakoth Normal M
Vigoroth Normal M
Slaking Normal M
Whismur Normal M
Loudred Normal M
Exploud Normal M
Mawile Steel M
Aggron Steel Rock M
Numel Fire Ground M
Camerupt Fire Ground M
Torkoal Fire M
Flygon Ground Dragon M
Altaria Dragon Flying M
Zangoose Normal M
Solrock Rock Psychic M
Castform Normal M
Kecleon Normal M
Absol Dark M
Bagon Dragon M
Shelgon Dragon M
Salamence Dragon Flying M
Beldum Steel Psychic M
Metang Steel Psychic PM
Metagross Steel Psychic PM
Groudon Ground 45 M
Rayquaza Dragon Flying M