Power Points30
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest TypeCool
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
BattleGreatly raises the speed of your Pokemon.
ContestPokemon gets to appeal earlier the next round. (Cool, Appeal=3pts, Jam=0pts)

See detailed breeding chart.

Beedrill Bug Poison 40
Pidgey Normal Flying 39
Pidgeotto Normal Flying 43 P
Pidgeot Normal Flying 48 P
Spearow Normal Flying 43
Fearow Normal Flying 47 P
Pikachu Electric 33
Raichu Electric P
Growlithe Fire 43
Arcanine Fire P
Ponyta Fire 38
Rapidash Fire 38 P
Rapidash Fire P
Farfetch'd Normal Flying 36
Doduo Normal Flying 45
Dodrio Normal Flying 60 P
Hitmonchan Fighting 7
Horsea Water 36
Seadra Water 40 P
Goldeen Water 52
Seaking Water 61 P
Scyther Bug Flying 21
Jolteon Electric 47
Porygon Normal 9
Aerodactyl Rock Flying 8
Articuno Ice Flying 25
Zapdos Electric Flying 25
Moltres Fire Flying 25
Dratini Dragon 36
Dragonair Dragon 38 P
Dragonite Dragon Flying 38 P
Ledyba Bug Flying 43
Ledian Bug Flying 51 P
Spinarak Bug Poison 45
Ariados Bug Poison 53 P
Aipom Normal 50 E
Girafarig Normal Psychic 31
Scizor Bug Steel 21 P
Sneasel Dark Ice 36
Mantine Water Flying 29
Skarmory Steel Flying 16
Kingdra Water Dragon 40 P
Porygon2 Normal 9 P
Hitmontop Fighting 37
Treecko Grass 31
Grovyle Grass 35 P
Sceptile Grass 35 P
Taillow Normal Flying 43
Swellow Normal Flying 49 P
Wingull Water Flying 55 E
Pelipper Water Flying P
Surskit Bug Water 31
Masquerain Bug Flying P
Ninjask Bug Flying 38
Plusle Electric 47
Minun Electric 47
Carvanha Water Dark 43
Sharpedo Water Dark 53 P
Swablu Normal Flying E
Altaria Dragon Flying P
Gorebyss Water 15
Luvdisc Water 16
Metang Steel Psychic 56
Metagross Steel Psychic 66 P