Light Screen

NameLight Screen
Power Points30
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest TypeBeauty
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby MachineTM16
BattleHalves damage from all Special Attacks for five turns. Effect continues even after you switch Pokemon.
ContestThe appeal works best the more the crowd is excited.

See detailed breeding chart.

Bulbasaur Grass Poison EM
Ivysaur Grass Poison PM
Venusaur Grass Poison PM
Pikachu Electric 50 M
Raichu Electric PM
Clefairy Normal 41 M
Clefable Normal PM
Jigglypuff Normal M
Wigglytuff Normal M
Paras Bug Grass EM
Parasect Bug Grass PM
Psyduck Water EM
Golduck Water PM
Abra Psychic M
Kadabra Psychic M
Alakazam Psychic M
Machop Fighting EM
Machoke Fighting PM
Machamp Fighting PM
Drowzee Psychic M
Hypno Psychic M
Voltorb Electric 37 M
Electrode Electric 41 PM
Exeggcute Grass Psychic M
Exeggutor Grass Psychic M
Chansey Normal 49 M
Staryu Water 37 M
Starmie Water Psychic PM
Mr. Mime Psychic 19 M
Mr. Mime Psychic 21 M
Scyther Bug Flying EM
Jynx Ice Psychic M
Electabuzz Electric 17 PM
Zapdos Electric Flying 73 M
Dratini Dragon EM
Dragonair Dragon PM
Dragonite Dragon Flying PM
Mewtwo Psychic M
Mew Psychic M
Chikorita Grass 36 M
Bayleef Grass 39 PM
Meganium Grass 41 PM
Ledyba Bug Flying 22 M
Ledian Bug Flying 24 PM
Pichu Electric M
Cleffa Normal M
Igglybuff Normal M
Togepi Normal M
Togetic Normal Flying M
Natu Psychic Flying M
Xatu Psychic Flying M
Mareep Electric 30 M
Flaaffy Electric 36 PM
Ampharos Electric 42 PM
Marill Water EM
Azumarill Water PM
Sunkern Grass M
Sunflora Grass M
Espeon Psychic M
Girafarig Normal Psychic M
Pineco Bug M
Forretress Bug Steel M
Scizor Bug Steel PM
Slugma Fire M
Magcargo Fire Rock M
Swinub Ice Ground M
Piloswine Ice Ground M
Corsola Water Rock M
Stantler Normal M
Smeargle Normal M
Smoochum Ice Psychic M
Elekid Electric 17 M
Blissey Normal 40 PM
Lugia Psychic Flying M
Ho-oh Fire Flying M
Celebi Psychic Grass M
Dustox Bug Poison 31 M
Ralts Psychic M
Kirlia Psychic M
Gardevoir Psychic M
Meditite Fighting Psychic M
Medicham Fighting Psychic M
Plusle Electric M
Minun Electric M
Volbeat Bug M
Illumise Bug M
Spoink Psychic M
Grumpig Psychic M
Lunatone Rock Psychic M
Solrock Rock Psychic M
Baltoy Ground Psychic M
Claydol Ground Psychic M
Feebas Water EM
Milotic Water PM
Chimecho Psychic M
Snorunt Ice M
Glalie Ice M
Metang Steel Psychic M
Metagross Steel Psychic M
Latias Dragon Psychic M
Latios Dragon Psychic M