Confuse Ray

NameConfuse Ray
Power Points10
RangeOne Enemy
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest TypeSmart
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
BattleConfuses the opponent Pokemon.
ContestAppeals happen in a random order for the next turn. (Smart, Appeal=3pts, Jam=0pt)

See detailed breeding chart.

Vulpix Fire 21
Ninetales Fire P
Ninetales Fire IP
Zubat Poison Flying 26
Golbat Poison Flying 28 P
Tentacool Water Poison E
Tentacruel Water Poison P
Gastly Ghost Poison 28
Gastly Ghost Poison 21
Haunter Ghost Poison 21 P
Haunter Ghost Poison 31 P
Gengar Ghost Poison 21 P
Gengar Ghost Poison 31 P
Starmie Water Psychic 33
Magmar Fire 49 P
Lapras Water Ice 19
Kabuto Rock Water E
Kabutops Rock Water P
Crobat Poison Flying 28 P
Chinchou Water Electric 29
Lanturn Water Electric 32 P
Natu Psychic Flying 40
Xatu Psychic Flying 50 P
Umbreon Dark 30
Murkrow Dark Flying E
Misdreavus Ghost 17
Corsola Water Rock E
Mantine Water Flying 50
Stantler Normal 41
Stantler Normal 43
Magby Fire 43
Shedinja Bug Ghost 31
Sableye Dark Ghost 37
Volbeat Bug 5
Spoink Psychic 25
Grumpig Psychic 25 P
Lileep Rock Grass 29
Cradily Rock Grass 29 P
Feebas Water E
Milotic Water P
Duskull Ghost 23
Dusclops Ghost 23 P
Clamperl Water E
Huntail Water P
Gorebyss Water P