Fake Out

NameFake Out
Power Points10
RangeOne Enemy
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest TypeCute
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
BattleUser attacks first and it has a 100% of making the opponent flinch. Can only be used on the first turn.
ContestSubtracts 4 appeal points from any Pokemon who appealed before you and used the same type of move. Subtracts points from any one else who did not use the same type move. (Cute, Appeal=2pts, Jam=1pt)

See detailed breeding chart.

Meowth Normal 50
Meowth Normal 43
Persian Normal 55 P
Persian Normal 59 P
Seel Water E
Dewgong Water Ice P
Kangaskhan Normal 19
Mr. Mime Psychic E
Jynx Ice Psychic EP
Sneasel Dark Ice E
Smoochum Ice Psychic E
Lombre Water Grass 19
Ludicolo Water Grass P
Nuzleaf Grass Dark 19
Shiftry Grass Dark P
Makuhita Fighting 19
Hariyama Fighting 19 P
Sableye Dark Ghost 21
Meditite Fighting Psychic E
Medicham Fighting Psychic P