Power Points20
RangeSelf to Enemy
Contacts Other PokemonYes
Contest TypeTough
Red MachineTM18
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
BattleCounters the opponent Pokemon's Non-Special attack. Damage returned to the opponent Pokemon is double the damage done on your Pokemon.
ContestPrevents you from being Jammed by other Pokemon once during the turn. (Tough, Appeal=2pts, Jam=0pt)

See detailed breeding chart.

Rattata Normal E
Raticate Normal P
Sandshrew Ground E
Sandslash Ground P
Nidoran (F) Poison E
Nidorina Poison P
Nidoqueen Poison Ground P
Nidoran (M) Poison E
Nidorino Poison P
Nidoking Poison Ground P
Paras Bug Grass E
Parasect Bug Grass P
Mankey Fighting E
Primeape Fighting P
Machop Fighting E
Machoke Fighting P
Machamp Fighting P
Hitmonchan Fighting 50
Rhyhorn Ground Rock E
Rhydon Ground Rock P
Kangaskhan Normal E
Scyther Bug Flying E
Chikorita Grass E
Bayleef Grass P
Meganium Grass P
Aipom Normal E
Wobbuffet Psychic IP
Pineco Bug E
Forretress Bug Steel P
Gligar Ground Flying E
Scizor Bug Steel P
Heracross Bug Fighting 30
Sneasel Dark Ice E
Teddiursa Normal E
Ursaring Normal P
Houndour Dark Fire E
Houndoom Dark Fire P
Phanpy Ground E
Donphan Ground P
Hitmontop Fighting 31
Torchic Fire E
Combusken Fire Fighting P
Blaziken Fire Fighting P
Breloom Grass Fighting 28
Slakoth Normal 37
Vigoroth Normal 37 P
Slaking Normal 37 P
Makuhita Fighting E
Hariyama Fighting P
Cacnea Grass E
Cacturne Grass Dark P
Zangoose Normal E
Wynaut Psychic 15