Power Points20
RangeOne Enemy
Contacts Other PokemonYes
Contest TypeSmart
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
BattleThe damage is doubled if the opponent switches Pokemon on the turn this move is used.
ContestStartles the POKEMON that has the JUDGE's attention.

See detailed breeding chart.

Beedrill Bug Poison 30
Pidgey Normal Flying E
Pidgeotto Normal Flying P
Pidgeot Normal Flying P
Rattata Normal 27
Raticate Normal 30 P
Spearow Normal Flying 19
Fearow Normal Flying 26 P
Ekans Poison E
Arbok Poison P
Zubat Poison Flying E
Golbat Poison Flying P
Paras Bug Grass E
Parasect Bug Grass P
Diglett Ground E
Dugtrio Ground P
Doduo Normal Flying 9
Dodrio Normal Flying 9 IP
Hitmonchan Fighting 13
Scyther Bug Flying 11
Tauros Normal 26
Tauros Normal 19
Aerodactyl Rock Flying E
Sentret Normal E
Furret Normal P
Spinarak Bug Poison E
Ariados Bug Poison P
Crobat Poison Flying P
Aipom Normal E
Umbreon Dark 16
Murkrow Dark Flying 14
Dunsparce Normal 31
Dunsparce Normal 24
Scizor Bug Steel 11 P
Skarmory Steel Flying E
Houndour Dark Fire E
Houndoom Dark Fire P
Hitmontop Fighting 13
Larvitar Rock Ground E
Pupitar Rock Ground P
Tyranitar Rock Dark P
Treecko Grass 16
Grovyle Grass 17 P
Sceptile Grass 17 P
Zigzagoon Normal E
Linoone Normal P
Wurmple Bug E
Silcoon Bug P
Beautifly Bug Flying P
Cascoon Bug P
Dustox Bug Poison P
Taillow Normal Flying E
Swellow Normal Flying P
Wingull Water Flying 43
Pelipper Water Flying P
Slakoth Normal E
Vigoroth Normal P
Slaking Normal P
Swablu Normal Flying E
Altaria Dragon Flying P
Zangoose Normal 25
Duskull Ghost 27
Dusclops Ghost 27 P
Metang Steel Psychic 32
Metagross Steel Psychic 32 P