Faint Attack

NameFaint Attack
Power Points20
RangeOne Enemy
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest TypeSmart
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
BattleThis attack will always hit regardless of Accuracy.
ContestGet triple the appeal points when you use it as your first appeal. (Smart, Appeal=2pts, Jam=0pt)

See detailed breeding chart.

Pidgey Normal Flying E
Pidgeotto Normal Flying P
Pidgeot Normal Flying P
Spearow Normal Flying E
Fearow Normal Flying P
Vulpix Fire E
Ninetales Fire P
Jigglypuff Normal P
Wigglytuff Normal P
Zubat Poison Flying E
Golbat Poison Flying P
Diglett Ground E
Dugtrio Ground P
Meowth Normal 28
Meowth Normal 25
Persian Normal 25 P
Persian Normal 29 P
Doduo Normal Flying E
Dodrio Normal Flying P
Pinsir Bug E
Tauros Normal E
Magikarp Water E
Gyarados Water Flying P
Hoothoot Normal Flying E
Noctowl Normal Flying P
Crobat Poison Flying P
Igglybuff Normal E
Natu Psychic Flying E
Xatu Psychic Flying P
Sudowoodo Rock 41
Umbreon Dark 36
Murkrow Dark Flying 35
Gligar Ground Flying 28
Snubbull Normal E
Granbull Normal P
Sneasel Dark Ice 22
Teddiursa Normal 25
Ursaring Normal 25 P
Houndour Dark Fire 37
Houndoom Dark Fire 43 P
Nuzleaf Grass Dark 31
Shiftry Grass Dark P
Slakoth Normal 19
Vigoroth Normal P
Slaking Normal 19 P
Nincada Bug Ground E
Ninjask Bug Flying P
Shedinja Bug Ghost P
Makuhita Fighting E
Hariyama Fighting P
Skitty Normal 27
Delcatty Normal P
Sableye Dark Ghost 29
Mawile Steel 26
Spinda Normal 12
Trapinch Ground 17
Vibrava Ground Dragon IP
Flygon Ground Dragon IP
Cacnea Grass 29
Cacturne Grass Dark 29 P
Kecleon Normal 7
Shuppet Ghost 37
Banette Ghost 39 P
Duskull Ghost E
Dusclops Ghost P
Absol Dark E