Focus Energy

NameFocus Energy
Power Points30
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest TypeCool
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
BattleRaises the chance of getting a Critical Hit.
ContestJams all Pokemon who appealed before you. (Cool, Appeal=1pt, Jam=3pts)

See detailed breeding chart.

Beedrill Bug Poison 15
Rattata Normal 20
Raticate Normal P
Nidoran (F) Poison E
Nidorina Poison P
Nidoqueen Poison Ground P
Nidoran (M) Poison 8
Nidorino Poison 8 P
Nidoking Poison Ground IP
Mankey Fighting 21
Mankey Fighting 27
Primeape Fighting 27 P
Primeape Fighting 21 P
Machop Fighting 7
Machoke Fighting 7 IP
Machamp Fighting 7 IP
Cubone Ground 21
Marowak Ground 21 P
Hitmonlee Fighting 21
Kangaskhan Normal E
Scyther Bug Flying 6
Pinsir Bug I
Sentret Normal E
Furret Normal P
Scizor Bug Steel 6 P
Remoraid Water 33
Octillery Water 38 P
Phanpy Ground E
Donphan Ground P
Hitmontop Fighting 7
Larvitar Rock Ground E
Pupitar Rock Ground P
Tyranitar Rock Dark P
Torchic Fire 7
Combusken Fire Fighting 7 IP
Blaziken Fire Fighting 7 IP
Taillow Normal Flying 4
Swellow Normal Flying IP
Vigoroth Normal I
Slaking Normal P
Makuhita Fighting I
Hariyama Fighting IP
Carvanha Water Dark 13
Sharpedo Water Dark IP
Numel Fire Ground 25
Camerupt Fire Ground 25 P
Trapinch Ground E
Vibrava Ground Dragon P
Flygon Ground Dragon P
Bagon Dragon 21
Shelgon Dragon 21 P
Salamence Dragon Flying 21 P