Power Points20
RangeOne Enemy
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest TypeSmart
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
BattleConfuses the opponent Pokemon.
ContestAffected by how well the appeal in front goes.

See detailed breeding chart.

Butterfree Bug Flying 18
Nidoran (F) Poison E
Nidorina Poison P
Nidoqueen Poison Ground P
Nidoran (M) Poison E
Nidorino Poison P
Nidoking Poison Ground P
Zubat Poison Flying 6
Zubat Poison Flying 11
Golbat Poison Flying 6 IP
Golbat Poison Flying 11 P
Venonat Bug Poison 9
Venomoth Bug Poison 9 P
Tentacool Water Poison 6
Tentacruel Water Poison 6 IP
Magnemite Electric Steel 11
Magneton Electric Steel 11 IP
Doduo Normal Flying E
Dodrio Normal Flying P
Shellder Water 15
Shellder Water 9
Cloyster Water Ice P
Cloyster Water Ice P
Cloyster Water Ice IP
Lickitung Normal 7
Goldeen Water 10
Seaking Water 10 IP
Omanyte Rock Water E
Omastar Rock Water P
Aerodactyl Rock Flying 22
Dratini Dragon E
Dragonair Dragon P
Dragonite Dragon Flying P
Hoothoot Normal Flying E
Noctowl Normal Flying P
Ledyba Bug Flying 8
Ledian Bug Flying 8 P
Crobat Poison Flying 11 P
Crobat Poison Flying 6 IP
Chinchou Water Electric 5
Lanturn Water Electric 5 IP
Marill Water E
Azumarill Water P
Yanma Bug Flying 31
Yanma Bug Flying 45
Qwilfish Water Poison E
Remoraid Water E
Octillery Water P
Mantine Water Flying 8
Taillow Normal Flying E
Swellow Normal Flying P
Wingull Water Flying 7
Pelipper Water Flying 7 P
Whismur Normal 21
Loudred Normal 23 P
Exploud Normal 23 P
Clamperl Water E
Huntail Water P
Gorebyss Water P
Luvdisc Water E