Power Points15
RangeSelf and Enemy
Contacts Other PokemonYes
Contest TypeTough
Red MachineTM10
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
BattleThe attack recoils 33% of the damage done back to your Pokemon.
ContestWhen you are countered by another Pokemon, twice the usual number of counter appeal points are subtracted. (Tough, Appeal=6pts, Jam=0pt)

See detailed breeding chart.

Jigglypuff Normal 49
Wigglytuff Normal P
Geodude Rock Ground 46
Graveler Rock Ground 62 P
Golem Rock Ground 62 P
Ponyta Fire E
Rapidash Fire P
Onix Rock Ground 56
Onix Rock Ground 57
Cubone Ground 45
Marowak Ground 61 P
Chansey Normal 57
Snorlax Normal E
Sentret Normal E
Furret Normal P
Ledyba Bug Flying 50
Ledian Bug Flying 60 P
Togepi Normal 37
Togepi Normal 41
Togetic Normal Flying 37 P
Togetic Normal Flying 41 P
Marill Water 28
Azumarill Water 34 P
Sudowoodo Rock 57
Hoppip Grass Flying E
Skiploom Grass Flying P
Jumpluff Grass Flying P
Pineco Bug 50
Forretress Bug Steel 59 P
Steelix Steel Ground 57 P
Steelix Steel Ground 56 P
Swinub Ice Ground E
Piloswine Ice Ground P
Phanpy Ground 49
Donphan Ground P
Blissey Normal 47 P
Skitty Normal 39
Delcatty Normal P
Aron Steel Rock 44
Lairon Steel Rock 53 P
Aggron Steel Rock 63 P
Volbeat Bug 37
Carvanha Water Dark E
Sharpedo Water Dark P
Wailmer Water E
Wailord Water P
Numel Fire Ground 49
Camerupt Fire Ground P
Spinda Normal 45
Chimecho Psychic 33
Absol Dark E
Relicanth Water Rock 57
Bagon Dragon 53
Shelgon Dragon 78 P
Salamence Dragon Flying 93 P
Kyogre Water 65