Psych Up

NamePsych Up
Power Points10
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest TypeSmart
Red Machine
Gold MachineTM09
Ruby Machine
BattleWhen the opponent Pokemon uses moves that has beneficial side effects to it, the same effect will apply to the user.
ContestWorks well if it's the same type as the one before.

See detailed breeding chart.

Vulpix Fire E
Ninetales Fire P
Meowth Normal E
Persian Normal P
Psyduck Water 31
Golduck Water 31 P
Slowpoke Water Psychic 47
Slowbro Water Psychic 55 P
Drowzee Psychic 43
Drowzee Psychic 37
Hypno Psychic 43 P
Hypno Psychic 55 P
Exeggcute Grass Psychic E
Exeggutor Grass Psychic P
Mr. Mime Psychic E
Jynx Ice Psychic EP
Mewtwo Psychic 77
Mewtwo Psychic 33
Togepi Normal E
Togetic Normal Flying P
Natu Psychic Flying E
Xatu Psychic Flying P
Hoppip Grass Flying E
Skiploom Grass Flying P
Jumpluff Grass Flying P
Espeon Psychic 42
Slowking Water Psychic 47 P
Misdreavus Ghost E
Wobbuffet Psychic EP
Girafarig Normal Psychic E
Stantler Normal E
Smeargle Normal E
Smoochum Ice Psychic E
Skitty Normal E
Delcatty Normal P
Sableye Dark Ghost E
Mawile Steel E
Meditite Fighting Psychic 36
Meditite Fighting Psychic 38
Medicham Fighting Psychic 40 P
Medicham Fighting Psychic 36 P
Spoink Psychic 19
Grumpig Psychic 19 P
Spinda Normal 38
Castform Normal E
Wynaut Psychic E