Quick Attack

NameQuick Attack
Power Points30
RangeOne Enemy
Contacts Other PokemonYes
Contest TypeCool
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
BattleAlways attack first. If more than one Pokemon uses this type of move, the Pokemon with the highest Speed goes first.
ContestAffected by how well the appeal in front goes.

See detailed breeding chart.

Pidgey Normal Flying 13
Pidgeotto Normal Flying 13 P
Pidgeot Normal Flying 13 P
Rattata Normal 7
Raticate Normal 7 P
Spearow Normal Flying E
Fearow Normal Flying P
Pikachu Electric 11
Raichu Electric IP
Raichu Electric P
Vulpix Fire 13
Ninetales Fire P
Ninetales Fire IP
Zubat Poison Flying E
Golbat Poison Flying P
Ponyta Fire I
Rapidash Fire P
Farfetch'd Normal Flying E
Doduo Normal Flying E
Dodrio Normal Flying P
Scyther Bug Flying I
Electabuzz Electric IP
Eevee Normal 23
Vaporeon Water 23 P
Jolteon Electric 23 P
Flareon Fire 23 P
Cyndaquil Fire 19 E
Quilava Fire 21 P
Typhlosion Fire 21 P
Sentret Normal 7
Furret Normal 7 P
Crobat Poison Flying P
Natu Psychic Flying E
Xatu Psychic Flying P
Yanma Bug Flying 7
Yanma Bug Flying 6
Espeon Psychic 23 P
Umbreon Dark 23 P
Gligar Ground Flying 20
Scizor Bug Steel IP
Sneasel Dark Ice 8
Delibird Ice Flying E
Hitmontop Fighting 19
Elekid Electric I
Raikou Electric 31
Treecko Grass 11
Grovyle Grass 11 IP
Sceptile Grass 11 IP
Torchic Fire 28
Combusken Fire Fighting 32 P
Blaziken Fire Fighting 32 P
Seedot Grass E
Nuzleaf Grass Dark P
Shiftry Grass Dark P
Taillow Normal Flying 8
Swellow Normal Flying IP
Wingull Water Flying 31
Pelipper Water Flying P
Surskit Bug Water 7
Masquerain Bug Flying IP
Electrike Electric 17
Manectric Electric 17 P
Plusle Electric 10
Minun Electric 10
Volbeat Bug 17
Illumise Bug 17
Trapinch Ground E
Vibrava Ground Dragon P
Flygon Ground Dragon P
Zangoose Normal 7
Absol Dark 13