Scary Face

NameScary Face
Power Points10
RangeOne Enemy
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest TypeTough
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
BattleGreatly lowers opponent Pokemon's Speed.
ContestStartles the POKEMON that has the JUDGE's attention.

See detailed breeding chart.

Charmander Fire 25
Charmeleon Fire 27 P
Charizard Fire Flying 27 P
Raticate Normal 20
Spearow Normal Flying E
Fearow Normal Flying P
Machop Fighting 43
Machoke Fighting 51 P
Machamp Fighting 51 P
Rhyhorn Ground Rock 24
Rhydon Ground Rock 24 P
Tauros Normal 19
Tauros Normal 13
Aerodactyl Rock Flying 36
Totodile Water 27
Croconaw Water 28 P
Feraligatr Water 28 P
Spinarak Bug Poison 6
Ariados Bug Poison 6 P
Snubbull Normal I
Granbull Normal IP
Larvitar Rock Ground 36
Pupitar Rock Ground 38 P
Tyranitar Rock Dark 38 P
Poochyena Dark 29
Mightyena Dark 32 P
Masquerain Bug Flying 33
Carvanha Water Dark 16
Sharpedo Water Dark 16 P
Numel Fire Ground E
Camerupt Fire Ground P
Huntail Water 29
Bagon Dragon 37
Shelgon Dragon 47 P
Salamence Dragon Flying 47 P
Metang Steel Psychic 26
Metagross Steel Psychic IP
Kyogre Water 5
Groudon Ground 5
Rayquaza Dragon Flying 5