Power Points30
RangeBoth Enemy Pokemon
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest TypeCool
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
BattleLowers the opponent Pokemon's Defense.
ContestAffected by how well the appeal in front goes.

See detailed breeding chart.

Spearow Normal Flying 7
Fearow Normal Flying 7 P
Ekans Poison I
Arbok Poison IP
Nidoran (M) Poison I
Nidorino Poison IP
Nidoking Poison Ground P
Mankey Fighting I
Primeape Fighting IP
Growlithe Fire 13
Arcanine Fire P
Machop Fighting I
Machoke Fighting IP
Machamp Fighting IP
Farfetch'd Normal Flying 11
Shellder Water 33
Shellder Water 36
Cloyster Water Ice P
Cloyster Water Ice P
Krabby Water 5
Kingler Water 5 P
Cubone Ground 17
Marowak Ground 17 P
Kangaskhan Normal I
Horsea Water 15
Seadra Water 15 IP
Scyther Bug Flying I
Electabuzz Electric IP
Magmar Fire 7 P
Gyarados Water Flying 30
Flareon Fire 47
Omanyte Rock Water 31
Omastar Rock Water 31 P
Kabuto Rock Water 19
Kabutops Rock Water 19 P
Dratini Dragon I
Dragonair Dragon IP
Dragonite Dragon Flying IP
Cyndaquil Fire I
Quilava Fire IP
Typhlosion Fire IP
Totodile Water I
Croconaw Water IP
Feraligatr Water IP
Natu Psychic Flying I
Xatu Psychic Flying IP
Scizor Bug Steel IP
Heracross Bug Fighting I
Sneasel Dark Ice I
Teddiursa Normal I
Ursaring Normal IP
Skarmory Steel Flying I
Houndour Dark Fire I
Houndoom Dark Fire IP
Kingdra Water Dragon 15 IP
Stantler Normal 7
Elekid Electric I
Magby Fire 7
Raikou Electric I
Entei Fire I
Suicune Water I
Larvitar Rock Ground I
Pupitar Rock Ground IP
Tyranitar Rock Dark IP
Treecko Grass I
Grovyle Grass IP
Sceptile Grass IP
Poochyena Dark E
Mightyena Dark P
Sableye Dark Ghost I
Electrike Electric 9
Manectric Electric IP
Carvanha Water Dark I
Sharpedo Water Dark IP
Cacnea Grass I
Cacturne Grass Dark IP
Zangoose Normal 4
Corphish Water 13
Crawdaunt Water Dark IP
Duskull Ghost I
Dusclops Ghost IP
Tropius Grass Flying I
Absol Dark 5
Snorunt Ice I
Glalie Ice IP
Bagon Dragon 9
Shelgon Dragon IP
Salamence Dragon Flying IP