Index of Glossary by Type - Ability

Name Type
Ability Damage Ability
Ability Drain Ability
Ability Score Loss Ability
Alternate Form Ability
Antimagic Ability
Bite Ability
Blindsense Ability
Blindsight Ability
Breath Weapon Ability
Burrow Ability
Change Shape Ability
Charm Ability
Claw Or Talon Ability
Climb Ability
Cold Immunity Ability
Constrict Ability
Damage Reduction Ability
Darkvision Ability
Death Attacks Ability
Disease Ability
Energy Drain And Negative Levels Ability
Etherealness Ability
Evasion And Improved Evasion Ability
Extraordinary Abilities (Ex) Ability
Fast Healing Ability
Fear Aura (Su) Ability
Fear Cones (sp) And Rays (su) Ability
Fear Effect Ability
Fire Immunity Ability
Fly Ability
Frightful Presence (Ex) Ability
Gaseous Form Ability
Gaze Attacks Ability
Gore Ability
Improved Grab Ability
Incorporeal Subtype Ability
Incorporeality Ability
Invisibility Ability
Level Loss Ability
Low-light Vision Ability
Manufactured Weapons Ability
Movement Modes Ability
Natural Abilities Ability
Natural Weapons Ability
Nonabilities Ability
Paralysis Ability
Poison Ability
Poison Immunities Ability
Polymorph Ability
Pounce Ability
Powerful Charge Ability
Psionics Ability
Rake Ability
Rays Ability
Regeneration Ability
Resistance To Energy Ability
Scent Ability
Slap Or Slam Ability
Sonic Attacks Ability
Special Abilities Ability
Spell Immunity Ability
Spell Resistance Ability
Spell-Like Abilities (Sp) Ability
Spells Ability
Spells Known Ability
Sting Ability
Summon Ability
Supernatural Abilities (Su) Ability
Swallow Whole Ability
Swim Ability
Telepathy Ability
Tentacle Ability
Trample Ability
Tremorsense Ability
Turn Resistance Ability
Vulnerability To Energy Ability