Bronze Serpent

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NameBronze Serpent
Sorted NameBronze Serpent
FamilyBronze Serpent
Size and TypeHuge Construct
Hit Dice Count16
Hit Dice16d10+40 (128 hp)
Random Hit Points16d10+40 - 0
EnvironmentAny land and underground
Challenge Rating10

Solitary, pair, or cluster (3-5)

SourcesMonster Manual II

Source Copyright: Monster Manual II Copyright 2002, Wizards of the Coast, Inc.; Ed Bonny, Jeff Grubb, Rich Redman, Skip Williams, Steve Winter

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Attacks: Bite +17 melee (1d6+10 plus electricity), or Bite +17 melee (1d6+10 plus electricity)

feats: -, ,