Index of Spells by Descriptor - Negative

Black Lightning
Black Sand
Blackwater Taint
Blood Snow
Dark Tide
Death Dragon
Defile Snow and Ice
Desecrate (M)
Energy Drain
Energy Ebb
Enervating Breath
Ghoul Touch
Healing Sting
Inflict Critical Wounds
Mass Inflict Critical Wounds
Inflict Light Wounds
Mass Inflict Light Wounds
Inflict Minor Wounds
Inflict Moderate Wounds
Mass Inflict Moderate Wounds
Inflict Serious Wounds
Mass Inflict Serious Wounds
Negative Energy Aura
Negative Energy Burst
Negative Energy Ray
Negative Energy Wave
Orb of Negative Energy
Orbs of Various Energy
Positive Energy Protection
Protection from Positive Energy
Shroud of Undeath
Spectral Touch
Suppress Flame (M)
Threshold of Unlife
Touch of Fatigue
Waves of Exhaustion
Waves of Fatigue