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Interview snippet from "The Tick":
Interviewer: "Do you possess the power to destroy the Earth?"
The Tick: "Egad! I hope not, That's where I keep all my stuff!"

The D&D database works again. I'll have to redevelop the Madlibs thing at some point. I doubt I'll re-rebuild the ratings system.

07/21/2024 09:41:15 PM

Dungeons and Dragons Spells Live

This is a database driven site for DnD spells.

My photo album

A gallery for family pictures and D&D art

Ruby/Saphire Pokedex

This is a site I've put together to help me look stuff up fast for Pokemon.

Black/White Pokedex

This is a site I've put together to help me look stuff up fast for Pokemon Black and White.

Andy Bay

Well, just who is this crazy person anyway?!?

MP3 Car player

One of my more recent toys. I made this because a friend of mine asked me about such a thing. Something I've learned is that people should not show me a problem that they don't want me to solve. I'm enjoying it now.


This is one of my more well known programs. This great utility was designed to extract re-computed vis tables from Quake bsp map files and update someone else's vis tables so they could have great water transparency speed in GlQuake.


This is a strange multiplayer mode that was not that well known but was fun. One guy became the Ultimate killer with lots of stuff and infinite ammo. He is the only one who can kill anybody else and the others can only kill him. Basically, a team mode that isn't totally fixed. I think play ballance was never quite perfect but it was fun. It was my first mod that had a unified QW and NQ codebase.

3dfx breakout

An old classic remade into a 3d game. I did this for a math project. I don't know why it doesn't work on Voodoo 2, but I may try to figure it out sometime.


This was a REALLY strange mod idea I had. Basic premise: Two teams, good guys and bad guys. The good guys want to beat the game like normal coop. The bad guys want to kill the good guys, like the monsters in coop. This is only available in Normal Quake. I may make a version for Quake 2 sometime.


I went behind the scenes with YPOD, so just go get it instead.


Ask for this by e-mail. This was a simple utility I made to help my Doom mod by extracting the sprites from the doom2 wad file and creating Quake spr files. It works for Hexen and Heretic too.


I wrote this when I was afraid that id would bring using their textures in custom maps to a legal halt. This would circumvent the copyright laws by making the walls in the distributed files white. Then, extract the texture art from the original levels on the user's side to restore the level to its original glory.


This is another product of my Doom TC, SwchPal would change the artwork in pak and bsp files to another palette. This made it relatively easy to use existing Quake material without Quake being on Crack or something.


This idea is mostly a joke but if I ever get bored enough, I may try to do this still. I may just have it use a lot of macro structures and build a level from that.


This is my experiment to convert the Unix Doom source to Windows. It supports high resolutions, Direct Input, Direct Sound, Direct Sound 3d, and WinSpex shutter glasses. E-mail me if you want a copy.

Andy's Madlibs

This is an ASP application that runs on my computer that makes Online Madlibs.

An Old AlterEgo BBS website

Memorial to a cool BBS where I was a Co-Sysop. I have been manually converting our tournement levels into Quake 3 levels. You can find them inside somewhere.

Rating System

This is an ASP application that runs on my computer that makes Multiplayer game ratings.
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