Welcome To Andy's Page for my MP3 Player in my Car!

Note to myself. Add pictures here.
Device Cost Reasoning
P166 CPU $60 Slowest I could find.
MD TX Pro w/Sound & VGA(Motherboard) $60 Need something for the CPU.
Desktop Case $30 It was the same price for a Case and a Power supply as just a Power supply.
CPU Fan $7 It can get warm in a car.
2.1G Hard drive $110 Got to store the music someplace.
Keypad $30 Some form of input.
FM Transmitter (Radio Shack) $30 Transmit the sound to the FM stereo.
Inverter $40 To convert the Cigarette lighter into an AC plug. I bought a 140W inverter at Target and it is doing well.
Memory (16MB) $24 Guess
Network card. $24 To facilitate copying the MP3's from my PC to it.
Total: $425 Ta Da!
Now, the one I have is rather large because I didn't use size as a limit. I slapped it together. Borrowed a CD drive from my Sis's computer and installed Win 95, IE 4, Media Player 5.2, and Mod 4 Win MCI and used a program I wrote to play mp3's, mod's, midi's, and wav's. I use the keypad to control my music program. I'll add a better readme.txt later.
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