Index of Feats by Source Book

Source NameAbbreviation# of FeatsStatusShortLong
Andrew BayATB1CompleteShort Long
Book of Exalted DeedsBook of Exalted Deeds52CompleteShort Long
Book of Vile DarknessBook of Vile Darkness27CompleteShort Long
Champions of RuinCR44CompleteShort Long
Complete AdventurerComplete Adventurer66CompleteShort Long
Complete ArcaneComplete Arcane66CompleteShort Long
Complete DivineComplete Divine7IncompleteShort Long
Complete MageCM1IncompleteShort Long
Complete ScoundrelCS56CompleteShort Long
Complete WarriorCW83CompleteShort Long
Defenders of the FaithDotF4IncompleteShort Long
DraconomiconDraconomicon1IncompleteShort Long
Dragon Magazine #324Dragon 32437CompleteShort Long
Dragon Magazine #325Dragon 32547IncompleteShort Long
Dragon Magazine #326Dragon 32617CompleteShort Long
Dragon Magazine #327Dragon 3275IncompleteShort Long
Dragon Magazine #328Dragon 32825CompleteShort Long
Dragon Magazine #329Dragon 3296CompleteShort Long
Dragon Magazine #331Dragon 3318CompleteShort Long
Dragon Magazine #332Dragon 33214CompleteShort Long
Dragon Magazine #333Dragon 33319CompleteShort Long
Dragon Magazine #334Dragon 3349CompleteShort Long
Dragon Magazine #335Dragon 33517CompleteShort Long
Dragon Magazine #336Dragon 3368CompleteShort Long
Dragon Magazine #337Dragon 3371IncompleteShort Long
Dragon Magazine #358Dragon 3588IncompleteShort Long
Eberron Campaign SettingEbberon2IncompleteShort Long
Faiths and PantheonsFnP10CompleteShort Long
Forgotten Realms Campaign SettingFR51CompleteShort Long
FrostburnFrostburn32CompleteShort Long
GhostwalkGhostwalk1IncompleteShort Long
Heroes of BattleHoB1IncompleteShort Long
Heroes of HorrorHoH1IncompleteShort Long
Libris MortisLibris58CompleteShort Long
Lords of DarknessLD3CompleteShort Long
Lords of MadnessLords41CompleteShort Long
Magic of FaerunMagic of Faerun9CompleteShort Long
Masters of the WildMotW20IncompleteShort Long
Miniatures HandbookMiniatures32CompleteShort Long
Player's Guide to FaerunPGtF63IncompleteShort Long
Races of DestinyRoD35CompleteShort Long
Races of FaerunRoF11IncompleteShort Long
Races of the WildRotW2IncompleteShort Long
SandstormSandstorm2IncompleteShort Long
Savage SpeciesSavage Species9IncompleteShort Long
StormwrackStormwrack24CompleteShort Long
Stronghold Builder's GuidebookSBG2CompleteShort Long
Sword and FistSF32CompleteShort Long
System Reference DocumentSRD387IncompleteShort Long
Tome and BloodTome and Blood24CompleteShort Long
Unearthed ArcanaUnearthed Arcana14IncompleteShort Long