Index of Items by Sources - Book of Vile Darkness

Book of Vile Darkness

Angel Blood
Angel Tears
Angelwing Razor
Armor of the Dread Emperor 
Belt of the Dread Emperor
Blackguard's Blade
Blood Feeding
Cauldron of Zombie Spewing
Celestial Bane Rod
Chain of Barriers
Charnel Reaver
Collar of Venom
Collar of Virulent Venom
Dark Altar Stone
Darksoul Protection
Death Rock
Demon Blood
Demonic Graft Machine
Demonmight Ward
Despoiler of Flesh
Devil Blood
Elixir of the Dark Speech
Fanatic's Collar
Flesh Grinding
Flesh Ring of Scorn
Fleshshifter Armor
Gem of Psychic Poison
Grim Defender
Harrow Rod
Heaven's Thorn
Hell's Heart Arrow
Hook of Dissolution
Iron Flask of Tuerny the Merciless
Iron Maiden of Preservation
Kython Armor
Maggot Harvester
Marrow Crushing
Master Ring
Midnight Blade
Necklace of Demons
Nipple Clamp of Exquisite Pain
Oil of the Lamia
Pain Extractor
Pain Pit
Piercing Needles of Pain 
Pipe of Grief
Poison Spike
Psychic Poison Oil - Amber unlyn
Psychic Poison Oil - Black unlyn
Psychic Poison Oil - Blue unlyn
Psychic Poison Oil - Darin-tasith
Psychic Poison Oil - Estadrach
Psychic Poison Oil - Karadrach
Psychic Poison Oil - Lanshita
Psychic Poison Oil - Nishita
Psychic Poison Oil - Red unlyn
Psychic Poison Oil - Stradda
Psychic Poison Oil - Vashita
Psychic Poison Oil - Violet unlyn
Quiver of Lies
Rack of Irresistible Torture
Razor Armor
Regalia of Evil - Crown
Regalia of Evil - Orb
Regalia of Evil - Scepter
Rhapsody of Pain
Ring of the Dread Emperor
Ring of Weeping
Rod of Possession
Ruby Rod of Asmodeus
Sacrificial Knife
Skull of Fear 
Slave Ring
Slime Pot
Spectral Arrow
Spiralburst Bottle
Staff of Corruption
Staff of Darkness
Staff of Malice
Staff of Pestilence
Strength Sapping
Symbol of Demogorgon
Tongue Studs of Hell Breath
Vasharan Crossbow
Vasharan Offal Bag
Vasharan Worm Pod
Vile Spell Ring
Vile Weapon Ring
Wand of Orcus