Index of Items by Sources - CP

Complete Psionic

Chain of Convolution
Crystal Anchor of Alertness
Crystal Mask of Deluded Perception
Crystal Mask of Entrenched Psyche
Crystal Mask of Otherworldly Gaze
Crystal Mask of Psychometry
Crystal Mask of Terror
Crystal Mask of Visual Insight
Crystalline Spider Bead
Earth Hammer
Elemental Effigy - arctine
Elemental Effigy - emberling
Elemental Effigy - geodite
Elemental Effigy - tempestan
Ethereal Reaver
Gossamer Assailant
Psionatrix of Air Control
Psionatrix of Animal Affinity
Psionatrix of Chameleon
Psionatrix of Clairvoyant Sense
Psionatrix of Concealing Amorpha
Psionatrix of Damage Repair
Psionatrix of Dimension Swap
Psionatrix of False Sensory Input
Psionatrix of Levitation
Psionatrix of Psychic Sensitivity
Psionatrix of Stunning Energy
Psionatrix of Thought Reading
Psionic Bands of Blazing Arc
Psionic Bands of Etheral Abduction
Psionic Bands of Extended Range
Psionic Bands of Mindfire
Psychoactive Skin of Celestial Embrace
Psychoactive Skin of Ectoplasmic Armor
Psychoactive Skin of Fiendish Embrace
Psychoactive Skin of Power Damping
Psychoactive Skin of the Celestial
Psychoactive Skin of the Fiend
Quietus Stiletto
Quiver of Energy
Quiver of Etherealness
Saddle of the Inspired Mount
Sandals of Springing
Shroud of Oblivion
Soul in Iron
Stgian Diabolis