Index of Items by Sources - CR

Champions of Ruin

Name Family Category SubCategory Price
Camellia of the Black Lady Wondrous     7000 gp 
Doomstrike Weapon Ability     +1 bonus 
Flensing Gauntlet Weapons     8805 gp 
Gnashing Armor Ability     +1 bonus 
Gray Portrait Wondrous   Artifact   
Hellsteel Armor and Shields Armor    25650 gp 
Hideous Armor Ability     +3,750 gp. 
Hideous - greater Armor Ability     33750 gp 
Hideous - improved Armor Ability     15000 gp 
Ocular Armor Ability     +2 bonus 
Ravenous Weapon Ability     +2 bonus 
Sanguine Nostrum Wondrous     5000 gp 
Splitting Weapon Ability     +3 bonus 
Wary Armor Ability     5000 gp