Index of Items by Sources - CV

Champions of Valor

Albruin Weapons     49565 gp  Anvil of Hope Weapons     21912 gp  Chalsembyr's Heart Weapons     100450 gp  Crown of Narfell Wondrous   Artifact    Doomwarden Bracers Wondrous     58300 gp  Dornavver Weapons     262335 gp  Dukar Hand Coral Wondrous     1600 gp  Faith Token Wondrous     300 gp  Flying Hunt Armor Armor and Shields Armor    14650 gp  Glassteel Weapon Ability     500 gp  Glassteel - heavy Armor Ability     12000 gp  Glassteel - light Armor Ability     2000 gp  Glassteel - medium Armor Ability     6000 gp  Hadryllis Weapons     135350 gp  Harper Token Wondrous     300 gp  Homeland Chapion Weapon Ability     +2 bonus  Lady Justice Weapons     25315 gp  Lord of Sleep Weapons   Ranged Weapons  32775 gp  Mace of the Brightwalkers Weapons     17000 gp  Maid of the Waters Weapons     37400 gp  Mask of Tears Wondrous     17000 gp  Nevertokens Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  67000 gp  Oath Hammer (Basic) Weapons     30600 gp  Oath Hammer (Doomwarding) Weapons     69100 gp  Oath Hammer (Knockback) Weapons     84600 gp  Oath Hammer (Returning) Weapons     62600 gp  Oath Hammer - drow-bane Weapons     44600 gp  Oath Hammer - flaming Weapons     44600 gp  Ring of Truth-Telling Ring     27000 gp  Sacrificial Smiting Weapon Ability     +1 bonus  Staff of Celestial Light Staff     98200 gp  Storm Armor Armor and Shields Armor  Medium armor  47,650 gp  Tabard of the Nimbral Herald Wondrous     5400 gp  Vilebiter Blade Weapons     8702 gp