Index of Items by Sources - DotF

Defenders of the Faith

Amulet of Memory Wondrous     36000 gp  Antipathy Armor Ability     +4 bonus  Arm of Nyr Wondrous     12800 gp  Arrow of Farsight Weapons   Ammunition  3507 gp  Battle Rod Weapons     35712 gp  Black Patch Wondrous     8800 gp  Blue Armor of the Grashtilim Mountains Armor and Shields Armor    20960 gp  Bolt of Battering Weapons   Ammunition  3157 gp  Bowl of Contemplation Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  44800 gp  Bracers of Binding Wondrous     10800 gp  CalledĀ  Armor Ability     +1 bonus  Charming Armor Ability     +3 bonus  Cloak of the Forest Wondrous     32392 gp  Gate Amulet Wondrous     64000 gp  Goad of Mastery Weapons     20890 gp  Golden Apron Armor and Shields Armor    22200 gp  Helm of Vision Wondrous     91600 gp  Holy Symbol - greater Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  5040 gp  IceĀ  Armor Ability     +3 bonus  Mark of Apostasy Wondrous     38880 gp  Mask of the Dead Wondrous     23400 gp  Mirror of Revelation Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  48000 gp  Red Dragon Armor Armor and Shields Armor    35200 gp  Rod of Authority Rod     20576 gp  Splint Mail of Stability Armor and Shields Armor    5845 gp