Index of Items by Sources - HoB

Heroes of Battle

Name Family Category SubCategory Price
Acid Stone Weapons   Ammunition  50 gp 
Alchemist's Stone Weapons   Ammunition  100 gp 
Armor of Transport Armor and Shields Armor    25300 gp 
Ballista Bolt - Adamantine Weapons   Ammunition  3001 gp 
Battering Ram - Adamantine Weapons     16000 gp 
Blast Disk Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  900 gp 
Blessed Bandage Wondrous     10 gp 
Camouflage Paint Wondrous     1500 gp 
Catapult Stone - Adamantine Weapons   Ammunition   
Chargebreaker Weapon Ability     +1 bonus 
Daern's Instant Tent Wondrous     9000 gp 
Disrupting Weapon Ability     +2 bonus 
Dragonfire Ram Weapons     4000 gp 
Dragonshot Catapult Weapons     10000 gp 
Drums of Marching Wondrous Instrument    1000 gp 
Easy Traveling Armor Ability     1500 gp 
Elemental Rockshot Weapons   Ammunition  750 gp 
Everlasting Rations Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  350 gp 
Fury Weapon Ability     +1 bonus 
Healing Salve Wondrous     2250 gp 
Hellwasp Shot Weapons   Ammunition  2500 gp 
Heraldic Crest - Courage Armor Ability     4000 gp 
Heraldic Crest - Ferocity Armor Ability     6000 gp 
Heraldic Crest - Glory Armor Ability     11000 gp 
Heraldic Crest - Honour Armor Ability     12000 gp 
Heraldic Crest - Insight Armor Ability     5000 gp 
Heraldic Crest - Valiant Defense Armor Ability     6000 gp 
Holy/Unholy Stone Weapons   Ammunition  125 gp 
Horn of Plenty Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  12960 gp 
Horn of Rallying Wondrous Instrument    3600 gp 
Horn of the Rider - greater Wondrous Instrument    60000 gp 
Horn of the Rider - lesser Wondrous Instrument    18000 gp 
Lightning Ballista Weapons     15000 gp 
Necromantic Weapon Ability     3000 gp 
Orb of Showers Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  15000 gp 
Overhead Shield Armor and Shields Armor    24170 gp 
Philosopher's Wool Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  3000 gp 
Portable Foxhole Wondrous     5000 gp 
Resounding Weapon Ability     +1 bonus 
Retaliation Armor Ability     +3 bonus 
Rod of Arming Rod     15000 gp 
Rod of Leadership Rod     25000 gp 
Scorching Ballista Weapons     6000 gp 
Scrying Beacon Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  750 gp 
Self-Launching Stone Weapons   Ammunition  500 gp 
Self-Loading Weapon Ability     +2 bonus 
Spider Shot Weapons   Ammunition  300 gp 
Standard - Banner of Chaos/Evil/Good/Law¬† Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  8000 gp 
Standard - Banner of the Bane Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  8000 gp 
Standard - Banner of the Unliving Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  12000 gp 
Standard - Forgehome Standard Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  4000 gp 
Standard - Healer's Standard Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  14000 gp 
Standard - Sign of the Favoured Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  16200 gp 
Standard - Standard of the Galloping Steed Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  8000 gp 
Starburst Weapon Ability     +2 bonus 
Stunning Weapon Ability     +1 bonus 
Subjugating Weapon Ability     +2 bonus 
Tanglefoot Shot Weapons   Ammunition  250 gp