Index of Items by Sources - Libris

Libris Mortis

Bagpipes of the Damned Wondrous Instrument    3000 gp  Cloak of Turn Resistance Wondrous     11000 gp  Ectoplasmic Feedback Armor Ability     8000 gp  Ectoplasmic Ichor Wondrous     500 gp  Exoskeleton Armor and Shields Armor    49500 gp  Ghost Net Weapons   Ranged Weapons  8000 gp  Ghost Shroud Armor and Shields Armor    35000 gp  Ghost Strike Weapon Ability     +2 bonus  Ghost Ward Armor Ability     +1 bonus  Ghoul Gauntlets Wondrous     10000 gp  Ghoul Shell Armor and Shields Armor    35230 gp  Globe of Sunlight Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  6000 gp  Goggles of Day Wondrous     4500 gp  Goggles of Lifesight Wondrous     2000 gp  Husk Globe Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  8500 gp  Lyre of the Restless Soul Wondrous Instrument    3000 gp  Necrotic Focus Weapon Ability     +3 bonus  Night Caller Wondrous Instrument    7000 gp  Nightstick Rod     7500 gp  Nycoptic Manuscripts Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  2500 gp  Profane Weapon Ability     +1 bonus  Profane Burst Weapon Ability     +2 bonus  Rod of Defiance Rod     13000 gp  Rod of Undead Mastery Rod     10000 gp  Sacred Weapon Ability     +1 bonus  Sacred Burst Weapon Ability     +2 bonus  Scepter of the Netherworld Rod     9000 gp  Shadow Veil Armor and Shields Armor    10000 gp  Unholy Shrouds - greater Wondrous     6400 gp  Unholy Shrouds - lesser Wondrous     3600 gp  Vampire Hide Armor and Shields Armor    63325 gp  Wight Shield Armor and Shields Armor    16309 gp  Wrapped Tower Armor and Shields Armor    6330 gp  Zombie Hide Armor and Shields Armor    46315 gp