Index of Items by Sources - Magic of Faerun

Magic of Faerun

Acidic Burst
Amber Amulet of Vermin 1
Amber Amulet of Vermin 2
Amber Amulet of Vermin 3
Amber Amulet of Vermin 4
Amber Amulet of Vermin 5
Amber Amulet of Vermin 6
Amber Amulet of Vermin 7
Amber Amulet of Vermin 8
Amulet of Aid
Amulet of Laeral's Tears
Arbane's Sword of Agility
Aribeth's Ring
Armband of Maximized Healing
Arrow of Biting
Azlaer's Harp 
Badge of the Svirfneblin
Battle Bridle
Beholder Crown
Belt of Lions
Belt of Priestly Might - Holy Might
Belt of Priestly Might 1
Belt of Priestly Might and Warding 1
Berserker Blade +1
Berserker Blade +2
Bird Feather Headdress
Blast Globes
Blast Scepter Rod
Bone Bracers of the Death Deity
Bracers of Striking
Bracers of the Blinding Strike
Cape of the Fire Bath
Cape of Winter
Cloak of Battle
Commander's Ring
Cowl of Warding
Crown of Horns
Crystal Sphere of Singing Waters
Dagger of Chaos
Dagger of Defiance
Deep Gnome Warpick
Diviner's Staff
Dove's Harp
Dragon's Draught - Black
Dragon's Draught - Blue
Dragon's Draught - Brass
Dragon's Draught - Bronze
Dragon's Draught - Copper
Dragon's Draught - Gold
Dragon's Draught - Green
Dragon's Draught - Red
Dragon's Draught - Silver
Dragon's Draught - White
Dragonskill Talisman
Elixir of Ularinn
Esheen's Harp
Eye of Druuthbane
Eye of Winking
Fanged Mask
Fear Burst
Fist - The
Gauntlet of Fury
Gauntlets of the Valorous (Chain Lightning)
Gauntlets of the Valorous (Flame Blade)
Gauntlets of the Valorous (Heal)
Gauntlets of the Valorous (Hold Monster)
Gauntlets of the Valorous (Polymorph Other)
Gauntlets of the Valorous (Regenerate)
Gauntlets of the Valorous (Repulsion)
Gauntlets of the Valorous (Shocking Grasp)
Gauntlets of the Valorous (Stone to Flesh)
Gauntlets of the Valorous (Telekinesis)
Gloves of Lightning
Gloves of the Balanced Hands
Golden Axe of the Great Rift
Golden Chalice of Ularinn
Great Druid's Staff
Green-Eyed Gauntlet
Greenstone Amulet
Gwaeron's Belt
Gwaeron's Boots
Hair Shirt of Vastalla
Hand of the Oakfather
Headband of the Binder
Heart of the Beast
Helm of Darkness
Helm of Gazes
Hindarri Spear
Ice Necklace of the Wild Lands
Iligoran Greatshield 
Janthra's Harp
Joyous Star Song
Justice Blade
Kiira Stone
Knife of the Bowyer
Laeral's Spell Shield
Laeral's Storm Armor
Lance of Therra
Lit with Danger
Mace of the Darkchildren
Mask of Blood
Methild's Harp
Mierests Starlit Sphere
Mirror Mask
Monk's Tattoo
Moon Bracers +1
Moon Bracers +2
Moon Bracers +3
Moon Bracers +4
Moon Bracers +5
Moon Bracers +6
Moon Bracers +7
Moon Bracers +8
Moon Mote
Mooncloak +1
Mooncloak +2
Mooncloak +3
Mooncloak +4
Mooncloak +5
Moonfire Salve
Moonstone Mask
Necklace of Acid Pearls
Necklace of Copper Dragon Scales
Necklace of Lightning
Necklace of Nature's Teeth
Nithanalor's Harp
One Thousand Broken Dreams
Onloran Shortbow
Orb of Holiness
Orbakh's Glass Skull
Phylactery of the Priesthood - greater
Phylactery of the Priesthood - lesser
Potion of Infertility
Prayer of Anger
Purple Dragon Ring
Quarterstaff of Battle
Radiant Holding
Rhingalade's Harp
Ring of Disease Immunity
Ring of Dragons
Ring of Might
Ring of Nine Lives
Ring of the Darkhidden
Rod of Cats
Rod of Displacement
Rod of Mirrors
Rod of Silence
Rod of Surprises
Rod of Tuning
Rod of Valmaxian
Rod of Viscous Globs
Rod of Whips
Runehammer - Alhalbrin
Runehammer - Faerindyl
Runehammer - Thundaril
Salve of Minor Spell Resistance
Scarab of Scintillating Auras
Scimitar of the Fool
Shaundakul's Boots
Shield of Vigilance
Silent Portal Disk
Silvermane's Axe
Singing Greatsword
Skull Plaque
Spectral Dagger
Spice Jar
Spider Fang
Spider Rod
Staff of Mighty Sweeping
Staff of Miracles
Staff of Peace
Staff of Scrivening
Storm Armor of the Earth's Children
Strength +2
Strength +4
Sunite Sash
Taragarth's Bastard
Torque of the Deity +1
Torque of the Deity +2
Torque of the Titans
Travel Cloak
Troll Gut Rope
Unicorn Pendant
Valarde's Harp
Vestments of Power - greater
Vestments of Power - lesser
Viper Dagger
War Wizard Cloak
White Cloak of the Spider
White Skull Mask
Wild Shape Amulet
Wilding Clasp
Winged Mask
Wings of Pain
Word of Chaos' Power
Yornar's Crescent