Index of Items by Sources - Miniatures

Miniatures Handbook

Amulet of Fortune Prevailing
Belt of Magnificence +2
Belt of Magnificence +4
Belt of Magnificence +6
Belt of One Mighty Blow
Boots of Big Stepping
Boots of Charging
Bracers of Quick Strike
Bullet of Sound
Cloak of Elemental Protection
Cloak of the Salamander
Cloak of Thorns
Collar of Command
Collar of Slavery
Crossbow of Reloading
Doom Burst
Exploding Spike
Field Provisions Box
Gloves of Fortunate Striking
Helm of Glorious Recovery
Horn of Volume
Living Chain
Magic Sleeping Bag
Paralytic Burst
Prismatic Burst
Ring of Communication
Rod of Sliding
Rod of Transposition
Sandals of Sprinting
Scepter of Obedience
Shirt of Bones
Shirt of Chain
Shirt of Demonskin
Shirt of Ironskin
Shirt of Resilience
Shirt of Slaadskin
Shirt of the Angels
Shirt of the Fey
Shirt of the Inevitable
Shirt of the Moon
Shirt of the Treant
Sleeping Spike
Slow Burst
Sonic Burst
Stunning Spike
Weapon of Transmutation