Index of Items by Sources - PGtF

Player's Guide to Faerun

Name Family Category SubCategory Price
Akhabar's Battleblade Ring Ring     25920 gp 
Annalus Conflagros Ring     92340 gp 
Aquamarine of Spell Extending Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  3700 gp 
Baneblades of Demron - Dragathil Weapons     125720 gp 
Baneblades of Demron - Evaelathil Weapons     161045 gp 
Baneblades of Demron - Faervian Weapons     134970 gp 
Baneblades of Demron - Keryvian Weapons     207070 gp 
Baneblades of Demron - Mhaorathil Weapons     150297 gp 
Baneblades of Demron - Morvian Weapons     158389 gp 
Black Sword Weapons     131335 gp 
Calathangus Weapons     15800 gp 
Captain Aerad's Shield Armor and Shields Armor    9170 gp 
Cheldaorn Katar Weapons     8302 gp 
Craemmol's Hammer Weapons     43312 gp 
Death Ward (7 minute) Armor Ability     +2 bonus 
Dispelling Weapon Ability     6,000 gp. 
Dispelling - greaterĀ  Weapon Ability     79200 gp 
Domineering Weapon Ability     +2 bonus 
Dragonheart Armor Armor and Shields Armor    25400 gp 
Dyerwaen Weapons     29335 gp 
Elqillar Weapons     167315 gp 
Evithyan's Blade Weapons     72315 gp 
Gauntlets of Weaponry Arcane Wondrous     9000 gp 
Glove of Taarnahm the Vigilant Wondrous     10000 gp 
Heartcleaver Weapons     314320 gp 
Ilbrattha - Mistress of Battle Weapons     31115 gp 
Instrument of the Winds Wondrous Instrument    22000 gp 
Kiira N'Vaelhar Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  75040 gp 
Lashing Sword Weapons     56310 gp 
Mantle Stone of Vhyridaan Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  232560 gp 
Najjar's Cloak of Weaponry Wondrous     2500 gp 
Nightwatcher Weapons     89315 gp 
Nychyaella's Healing Spear Weapons   Ranged Weapons  44392 gp 
Pegasus Helm of Kloeth IronstarĀ  Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  20160 gp 
Rod of Divergence Rod     117000 gp 
Rod of Spheres Rod     25000 gp 
Ruehar's Flute Wondrous Instrument    15000 gp 
Rustblade Weapons Simple Weapons  Light Melee Weapons  58,302 gp 
Shattering Swords of Coronal Ynloeth Weapons   Artifact   
Shazzellim Weapons     92415 gp 
Shroudcrown Wondrous     113600 gp 
Spellblade Weapon Ability     6000 gp 
Sure Striking Weapon Ability     +1 bonus 
Symrustar's Choker Wondrous     15000 gp 
Taragarth - the Bloodbrand Weapons     42310 gp 
Tasmia's Heart Wondrous     127000 gp 
Thunderstaff Staff     83841 gp 
Twinblades Alight Weapons     82215 gp 
Tyranny's Knell Weapons     154312 gp 
Velsharoon's Binding Ring     33500 gp 
Weirdstone Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  250000 gp 
Ynloeth's Bracer Wondrous     70000 gp