Index of Items by Sources - Underdark


Antimagic Torc Wondrous     25000 gp  Blindsighted Weapon Ability     30000 gp  Bloodthirsty Weapon Ability     +1 bonus  Book of Perfect Balance Wondrous   Artifact    Boots of Tremorsense Wondrous     45000 gp  Cephalometer Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  36450 gp  Cloak of Stone Wondrous     20800 gp  Cortical Armor Armor and Shields Armor    146650 gp  Daylight Pellet Wondrous     750 gp  Death Armor Armor and Shields Armor    75730 gp  Dowsing Rod Rod     12000 gp  Driftdisc Wondrous     113670 gp  Drow Mission Blade Weapons     15270 gp  Drowcraft Armor Ability     +1 bonus  Drowcraft Weapon Ability     +1 bonus  Enslavement Rings Ring     120000 gp  Everchanging Blade Weapons     50315 gp  ExoArmor Armor and Shields Armor    81650 gp  Figurine of Illusory Escort Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  6500 gp  Figurine of Wondrous Power - Jade Spider Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  5000 gp  Figurine of Wondrous Power - Sardonyx Stone Flyer Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  16500 gp  Final Rest Weapons     28035 gp  Finder Weapon Ability     4800 gp  Gauntlet of Disintegration Wondrous     27650 gp  Glove of Venom Wondrous     31500 gp  Gloves of Burrowing Wondrous     14400 gp  Halfweight Armor Ability     +3 bonus  Hand Spinneret Weapons   Ranged Weapons  90400 gp  Illithidwrought Weapon Ability     +2 bonus  Illithidwrought Armor Ability     +2 bonus  Lenses of Clarity Wondrous     12000 gp  Lurker Cloak Wondrous     10000 gp  Malleable Armor Ability     +1 bonus  Mantle of Energy Resistance - 1 Wondrous     18000 gp  Mantle of Energy Resistance - 2 Wondrous     54000 gp  Mantle of Energy Resistance - 3 Wondrous     90000 gp  Mantle of Energy Resistance - 4 Wondrous     126000 gp  Mantle of Energy Resistance - 5 Wondrous     162000 gp  Messenger Medallion Wondrous     10000 gp  Metalline Weapon Ability     +2 bonus  Morphing Weapon Ability     +1 bonus  Nature's Wrath Weapons     50300 gp  Portal Demolisher Rod   Artifact    Queen's Scourge Weapons     47520 gp  Ring of Antivenom Ring     60000 gp  Ring of Antivenom - Frugal Ring     10000 gp  Ring of Detect Thoughts Ring     10800 gp  Rod of Faerzress Negation Rod     50000 gp  Rod of Portal Finder Rod     36000 gp  Rod of the Dead Rod     75000 gp  Rod of Webspinning Rod     90000 gp  Rope of Climbing - superior Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  5500 gp  Spider Mask Wondrous     16000 gp  Spiderbane Weapons     18325 gp  Staff of Portals Staff     120000 gp  Staff of Shadow - greater Staff     113000 gp  Staff of Shadow - lesser Staff     48500 gp  Staff of Stone Staff     71250 gp  Staff of the Spider Staff     33000 gp  Staff of the Underdark Staff     48500 gp  Staff of the Watery Grave Staff     100000 gp  Stalactite Weapon Ability     +3 bonus  Sun Flash Pellet Wondrous     6000 gp  Talisman of Pure Neutrality Wondrous   Artifact    Tentacle Weapon Ability     +4 bonus  Tentacle Extension Wondrous     32000 gp  Tome of Books Wondrous   Artifact    Trespasser Weapons     177350 gp  Underdark Map - greater Wondrous   Artifact    Underdark Map - lesser Wondrous   Artifact    Universal Key Wondrous   Artifact    Web Choker Wondrous     2700 gp  Xorn Movement Armor Ability     36000 gp