Index of Items by Slot - Eyes

Aura Mask
Black Patch
Blindfold of True Darkness
Cannith Goggles
Chuulface Mask
Crystal Mask of Deluded Perception
Crystal Mask of Entrenched Psyche
Crystal Mask of Otherworldly Gaze
Crystal Mask of Psychometry
Crystal Mask of Terror
Crystal Mask of Visual Insight
Crystal Masks
Eye of Druuthbane
Eye of Snakes
Eye of Winking
Eyes of Dark Aura
Fanged Mask
Feather Mask
Goggles of Day
Goggles of Draconic Vision
Goggles of Following
Goggles of Lifesight
Goggles of Night
Goggles of the Desert
Inquisitive Goggles
Johydee's Mask
Lens of Ray Chaining
Lens of Ray Doubling
Lens of Ray Extending
Lens of Ray Widening
Lens of the Desert
Lenses of Clarity
Lenses of Darkness
Lenses of Pain
Lenses of True Form
Living Mask
Mask of Blood
Mask of Sweet Air
Mask of Tears
Mask of the Dead
Mask of the Feather Queen
Mask of the Implacable
Mask of the Misplaced Mind
Mempo of Pure Thought
Mirror Mask
Monocle of the Ebon Hunter - greater
Monocle of the Ebon Hunter - lesser
Monocle of Tolerance
Moonstone Mask
Porcelain Mask
Soul Lens
Spider Mask
Truth Lens
Veil of Allure
White Skull Mask
Winged Mask