Index of Spells by School - Conjuration

Abyssal Army
Abyssal Might (M)
Acid Arrow
Acid Breath
Acid Dart
Acid Fog
Acid Glove
Acid Rain (M)
Acid Sheath
Acid Splash
Aerial Summoning Dance
Alert Bebilith (M)
Anarchic Storm (M)
Apocalypse from the Sky (M)
Arc of Lightning
Arctic Haze
Astral Hospice (M)
Avalanche of Devastation
Axiomatic Storm (M)
Baleful Transposition
Bands of Steel
Bedevil (M)
Beget Bogun (XP)
Benign Transposition
Black Bag
Black Blade of Disaster
Black Tentacles
Blackwater Tentacle
Blades of Fire
Blast of Flame
Blast of Sand
Blinding Glory
Bloodstar (M)
Body Outside Body
Boiling Oil
Bolt of Conjuring
Bottle of Smoke (F)
Bridge of Sound
Buzzing Bee
Call Dretch Horde
Call Faithful Servants
Call Kolyarut (XP)
Call Lemure Horde
Call Marut (XP)
Call Mount
Call Nightmare
Call Zelekhut (XP)
City Stride
Close Wounds
Clothier's Closet
Cloud Chariot
Cloud of Knives
Cloud of the Achaierai
Cocoon (XP)
Cocoon of Life (XP)
Column of Ice
Conduit Of Life
Conjure Greater Midnight Construct (M)
Conjure Ice Beast I
Conjure Ice Beast II
Conjure Ice Beast III
Conjure Ice Beast IV
Conjure Ice Beast IX
Conjure Ice Beast V
Conjure Ice Beast VI
Conjure Ice Beast VII
Conjure Ice Beast VIII
Conjure Ice Object
Conjure Lesser Midnight Construct (M)
Conjure Midnight Construct (M)
Conjurer's Toolbelt
Contagious Fog
Corpse Candle
Corrosive Grasp
Crawling Darkness
Create Crossroads and Backroad (XP)
Create Fetch
Create Food and Water
Create Magic Tattoo (M)
Create Trap
Create Water
Creeping Doom
Cry of Ysgard
Cure Critical Wounds
Mass Cure Critical Wounds
Cure Light Wounds
Mass Cure Light Wounds
Cure Minor Wounds
Cure Moderate Wounds
Mass Cure Moderate Wounds
Cure Serious Wounds
Mass Cure Serious Wounds
Darts Of Life
Death by Thorns
Death Hail
Deep Breath
Deific Vengeance
Delay Disease
Delay Poison
Desert Diversion
Devlin's Barb
Devlin's Venomblade
Dimension Door
Dimension Door, Greater
Dimension Hop
Dimension Leap
Doom of the Seas (XP)
Doom Scarabs
Door Of Decay
Door to Great Evil
Dragon Ally (XP)
Greater Dragon Ally (XP)
Lesser Dragon Ally (XP)
Dragon Cloud
Mass Drown
Vile Drown
Dust Storm
Ease Pain
Elemental Swarm
Embrace of Endless Day
Energetic Healing
Estanna's Stew (F)
Ethereal Mount
Evacuation Rune
Ever Armed
Evil Weather (M) (XP)
Extract Drug (F)
Eyes of the King
Faith Healing
Fantastic Machine
Greater Fantastic Machine
Feast of Champions
Fetid Breath
Fey Ring (XP)
Fierce Pride of the Beastlands
Fire Seeds
Fire Spiders
Fog Cloud
Fortunate Fate
Freezing Claw
Freezing Fog
Frostbite 2
Frostfell Slide
G'elsewhere Chant
Gate (XP)
Gemjump (F)
Genesis (XP)
Ghost Knight
Glaze Lock
Gnome Blight
Golden Barding
Golden Dragonmail
Grasping Wall
Hail of Stone (M)
Heal Animal Companion
Heal Mount
Mass Heal
Healing Surf (M)
Healthful Rest
Healthful Slumber
Heavenly Host
Hell's Power (M)
Hellish Horde
Heroes' Feast
Hidden Lodge
Hoard Life
Holy Storm (M)
Hungry Gizzard
Hunters of Hades (M)
Hurtling Stone
Ice Castle (F)
Ice Darts
Ice Knife
Ice Ship (M)
Ice Slick
Ice Web (M)
Icelance (F)
Implore (XP)
Incendiary Cloud
Indisputable Possession
Inky Cloud
Insect Plague
Insignia of Healing
Instant Summons (M)
Invoke Elemental
Kelgore's Fire Bolt
Laogzed's Breath
Lava Missile
Lava Splash
Leomund's Billet
Mage Armor
Greater Mage Armor
Mass Mage Armor
Mage's Faithful Hound
Mage's Magnificent Mansion (F)
Magma Burst
Magnetic Pulse
Mailed Might of The Magelords
Major Creation
Malevolent Miasma
Manifest Dragon Heritage
Greater Manifest Dragon Heritage
Mephit Mob
Minimus Containment (F)
Minor Creation
Monstrous Regeneration
Mordenkainen's Capable Caravel (F)
Murderous Mist
Nauseating Breath
Nether Trail
Neutralize Poison
Node Door
Node Genesis (XP)
Nybor's Joyful Voyage
Obedient Avalanche
Obscuring Mist
Obscuring Snow
Orb of Acid
Greater Orb of Acid
Lesser Orb of Acid
Orb of Cold
Lesser Orb of Cold
Orb of Electricity
Lesser Orb of Electricity
Orb of Fire
Lesser Orb of Fire
Orb of Force
Orb of Sound
Lesser Orb of Sound
Orbs of Various Energy
Otyugh Swarm
Pack of Ghouls
Pavilion of Grandeur
Permanent Soul Binding (M) (XP)
Phantasmal Thief
Phantom Bear
Phantom Stag
Phantom Steed
Mass Phantom Steed
Phantom Wolf
Phase Door
Plague of Rats
Planar Ally (XP)
Greater Planar Ally (XP)
Lesser Planar Ally (XP)
Planar Binding
Greater Planar Binding
Lesser Planar Binding
Planar Exchange
Greater Planar Exchange
Lesser Planar Exchange
Planar Navigation (F)
Plane Shift
Greater Plane Shift
Pocket Cave
Poison Vines
Positive Energy Aura
Precipitate Breach (M)
Precipitate Complete Breach (M) (XP)
Quill Blast
Radiant Fog
Raise Dead (M)
Raise Ice Forest
Raise Volcano (M) (XP)
Rapid Raise Dead (M)
Rapid Resurrection (M)
Refuge (M)
Regal Procession
Rejuvenation Cocoon
Remove Addiction
Remove Blindness/Deafness
Remove Disease
Remove Nausea
Remove Paralysis
Renewal Pact (XP)
Restoration (M)
Greater Restoration (XP)
Lesser Restoration
Mass Restoration (M)
Resurrection (M)
Revive Outsider (M)
Revivify (M)
Ring of Blades (M)
Runic Marker
Rushing Waters
Sarcophagus of Stone
Secret Chest (F)
Secure Shelter
Seek Eternal Rest
Sepia Snake Sigil (M)
Servant Horde
Shadow Trap
Shalantha's Delicate Disk
Shared Healing
Shark Bolt
Silver Dragonmail
Sleet Storm
Slime Hurl
Slime Wave
Smite Heretic
Snow Wave
Solid Fog
Spectral Stag
Sphere of Ultimate Destruction
Spider Plague
Spirit Binding
Greater Spirit Binding
Lesser Spirit Binding
Spiritual Chariot
Spore Cloak
Spores of the Vrock (M)
Sticky Floor
Stinking Cloud
Storm of Elemental Fury
Storm of Vengeance
Stun Ray
Sudden Stalagmite
Summon Aspect Of Bahamut
Summon Babau Demon
Summon Bearded Devil
Summon Blood Elemental
Summon Bralani Eladrin
Summon Desert Ally I
Summon Desert Ally II
Summon Desert Ally III
Summon Desert Ally IV
Summon Desert Ally IX
Summon Desert Ally V
Summon Desert Ally VI
Summon Desert Ally VII
Summon Desert Ally VIII
Summon Devoted Roc
Summon Dire Hawk
Summon Elemental Monolith (M)
Summon Elementite Swarm
Summon Elysian Thrush
Summon Giants
Summon Greater Elemental
Summon Hound Archon
Summon Instrument
Summon Monster I
Summon Monster II
Summon Monster III
Summon Monster IV
Summon Monster IX
Summon Monster V
Summon Monster VI
Summon Monster VII
Summon Monster VIII
Summon Nature's Ally I
Summon Nature's Ally II
Summon Nature's Ally III
Summon Nature's Ally IV
Summon Nature's Ally IX
Summon Nature's Ally V
Summon Nature's Ally VI
Summon Nature's Ally VII
Summon Nature's Ally VIII
Summon Swarm
Summon Undead I
Summon Undead II
Summon Undead III
Summon Undead IV
Summon Undead V
Sun Scepter
Swamp Lung
Swamp Stride
Teleport Object
Greater Teleport
Mass Teleport
Teleportation Circle (M)
Temporary Soul Binding
Bimonthly Temporary Soul Binding (M) (XP)
Daily Temporary Soul Binding
Eventful Temporary Soul Binding
Minor Temporary Soul Binding
Moderate Temporary Soul Binding
Monthly Temporary Soul Binding (M)
Semimonthly Temporary Soul Binding (M)
Semiweekly Temporary Soul Binding (M)
Thousand Needles
Touch Of Jorasco
Toxic Weapon
Transport via Plants
Trap the Soul
Lesser Tree Healing
Tree Stride
True Creation (XP)
True Resurrection (M)
Tunnel Swallow
Unholy Storm (M)
Unseen Crafter
Unseen Servant
Mass Unseen Servant
Valiant Steed
Greater Vigor
Lesser Vigor
Mass Lesser Vigor
Vigorous Circle
Vile Death (M) (XP)
Vine Mine
Viscid Glob
Vitriolic Sphere
Volcanic Storm (M)
Wall of Bones
Wall of Chains
Wall of Deadly Chains
Wall of Eyes
Wall of Gears
Wall of Iron (M)
Wall of Magma
Wall of Ooze
Wall of Salt
Wall of Sand
Wall of Sand 2
Wall of Scales
Wall of Smoke
Wall of Stone
Wall of Thorns
Wall Of Vermin
Wall of Water
Warding Gems (M)
Watchful Ancestors
Wood Wose
Word of Binding
Word of Recall
Zajimarn's Avalanche
Zone of Glacial Cold