Index of Spells by School - Divination

Absorb Mind (F)
Analyze Dweomer (F)
Analyze Portal
Analyze Touchstone
Ancient Knowledge
Appraising Touch
Arcane Eye
Arcane Sight
Greater Arcane Sight
Arrow Mind
Assay Spell Resistance
Augury (M) (F)
Balancing Lorecall
Battlemagic Perception
Blessed Aim
Blessed Sight
Brain Spider
Chain of Eyes
Choose Destiny
Circle Dance
Commune (XP)
Commune with City
Commune with Earth
Commune with Greater Spirit (M) (XP)
Commune with Lesser Spirit (M)
Commune with Nature
Comprehend Languages
Contact Other Plane
Critical Strike
Detect Aberration
Detect Animals or Plants
Detect Attitude
Detect Chaos
Detect Crossroads
Detect Dragonmark
Detect Evil
Detect Favored Enemy
Detect Fire
Detect Good
Detect Guilt
Detect Heresy
Detect Law
Detect Magic
Detect Metal and Minerals
Detect Poison
Detect Scrying
Detect Secret Doors
Detect Ship (F)
Detect Snares and Pits
Detect Thoughts
Detect Undead
Detect Violence
Devil's Eye
Discern Bloodline
Discern Lies
Discern Location
Discern Shapechanger (M)
Divination (M)
Divine Insight
Divine Inspiration
Dream Sight
Echo Skull
Expose The Dead
Eye of Power
Eye of Stone
Eyes of the Zombie
Fiendish Clarity
Find Temple
Find the Gap
Find the Path
Find Traps
Glimpse Of The Prophecy
Glimpse of Truth
Golem Strike
Grave Strike
Guidance of the Avatar
Guided Shot
Healer's Vision
Healing Lorecall
Hindsight (M)
Identify (M)
Identify Transgressor
Implacable Pursuer
Insidious Insight
Insightful Feint
Instant Locksmith
Instant Search
Know Bloodline
Know Direction
Know Greatest Enemy
Know Opponent
Know Protections
Know Vulnerabilities
Lay of the Land
Legend Lore (M) (F)
Listening Coin
Listening Lorecall
Living Prints
Locate City
Locate Creature
Locate Node (F)
Locate Object
Locate Touchstone
Locate Water
Magecraft (F)
Mark of the Hunter
Marked Man (F)
Marked Object
Master's Touch
Mental Alarm
Mind Bond
Moment of Prescience
Omen of Peril (F)
One Mind
Greater One Mind
Lesser One Mind
Path of the Exalted
Portal View
Probe Thoughts
Prying Eyes
Greater Prying Eyes
Read Magic
Sacred Guardian
Scholar's Touch
Scry Location
Scrying (F)
Greater Scrying
See Invisibility
Seeker's Chant
Sense Heretic
Sense Weakness
Sentinel's Watch
Share Husk
Sniper's Shot
Speak with Animals
Speak with Plants
Spontaneous Search
Spymaster's Coin
Greater Status (HoB)
Greater Status
Stone Tell
Sure Strike
Sweet Water
Tactical Precision
Targeting Ray
Telepathic Aura
Telepathic Bond
Interplanar Telepathic Bond
Lesser Telepathic Bond
Telepathy Tap
Teleport Coordinates Transfer
Tojanida Sight
True Casting
True Seeing (M)
Mass True Seeing
True Strike
Understand Device
Understand Object
Vine Strike
Vision (M) (XP)
Vision of Fear
Vision of Glory
Wake Trailing
Weather Eye
Wild Instincts
Zone of Revelation