Index of Spells by Name Letters - O

Obedient Avalanche
Obscure Object
Obscuring Mist
Obscuring Snow
Omen of Peril (F)
One Mind
Greater One Mind
Lesser One Mind
One with the Land
Ooze Puppet
Opalescent Glare
Opportune Dodge
Orb of Acid
Greater Orb of Acid
Lesser Orb of Acid
Orb of Cold
Lesser Orb of Cold
Orb of Dancing Death
Orb of Electricity
Lesser Orb of Electricity
Orb of Fire
Lesser Orb of Fire
Orb of Force
Orb of Negative Energy
Orb of Sound
Lesser Orb of Sound
Orbs of Various Energy
Order's Wrath
Otyugh Swarm
Overland Flight
Overwhelming Revelations
Owl's Insight
Owl's Wisdom
Mass Owl's Wisdom