Index of Spells by Name Letters - P

Pack of Ghouls
Parching Touch
Pass through Ice
Pass without Trace
Path of the Exalted
Pavilion of Grandeur
Peaceful Serenity of Io
Pending Potion
Perfect Summons
Planar Perinarch
Permanency (XP)
Permanent Image (M)
Permanent Soul Binding (M) (XP)
Permeable Form
Persistent Blade (F)
Persistent Image
Phade's Fearsome Aspect
Phantasmal Assailants
Phantasmal Decoy
Phantasmal Disorientation
Phantasmal Killer
Phantasmal Thief
Phantom Battle
Phantom Bear
Phantom Foe (F)
Phantom Guardians
Phantom Stag
Phantom Steed
Mass Phantom Steed
Phantom Threat
Phantom Trap (M)
Phantom Wolf
Phase Door
Phieran's Resolve
Phoenix Fire (F)
Plague Carrier
Plague of Nightmares (F)
Plague of Rats
Plague of Undead (M)
Planar Ally (XP)
Greater Planar Ally (XP)
Lesser Planar Ally (XP)
Planar Binding
Greater Planar Binding
Lesser Planar Binding
Planar Bubble
Planar Exchange
Greater Planar Exchange
Lesser Planar Exchange
Planar Familiar (XP)
Planar Navigation (F)
Planar Tolerance
Plane Shift
Greater Plane Shift
Plant Body
Plant Growth
Pocket Cave
Poison Needles
Poison Thorns
Poison Vines
Polar Ray
Polymorph Any Object
Portal Alarm
Improved Portal Alarm
Portal Barricade
Portal Beacon
Portal Reformat (XP)
Portal Stabilization
Portal View
Portal Well
Portal-to-Portal Redirect
Positive Energy Aura
Positive Energy Protection
Power Leech
Power Surge (XP)
Power Word Blind
Power Word Deafen
Power Word Disable
Power Word Distract
Power Word Fatigue
Power Word Kill
Power Word Maladroit
Power Word Nauseate
Power Word Pain
Power Word Petrify
Power Word Sicken
Power Word Stun
Power Word Weaken
Precipitate Breach (M)
Precipitate Complete Breach (M) (XP)
Precise Vision
Preserve Organ
Pressure Sphere
Price of Loyalty
Primal Form
Primal Release
Prismatic Eye (F)
Prismatic Ray
Prismatic Sphere
Prismatic Spray
Prismatic Wall
Probe Thoughts
Produce Flame
Programmed Amnesia (M)
Programmed Image (M)
Project Image (M)
Pronouncement Of Fate
Protection from Arrows
Protection from Chaos
Protection from Charm
Protection from Dessication
Protection from Energy
Protection from Evil
Protection from Good
Protection from Law
Protection from Negative Energy
Protection from Positive Energy
Protection from Spells (M) (F)
Proud Arrogance
Prying Eyes
Greater Prying Eyes
Psychic Poison (M)
Psychic Turmoil
Greater Psychic Turmoil
Purify Food and Drink