Index of Items by Sources - CSQ

City of the Spider Queen

Name Family Category SubCategory Price
Amulet of Dark Blessing Wondrous     1200 gp 
Claw of the Revenancer Wondrous   Artifact   
Death Spear - greater Weapons     38905 gp 
Death Spear - lesser Weapons     13905 gp 
Drow Hand of Glory Wondrous     19000 gp 
Eyes of the Spider Wondrous     212000 gp 
Fang Scarab Wondrous     3500 gp 
Ring of See Invisibility Ring     15000 gp 
Ring of Silent Spells - greater Ring     60840 gp 
Ring of Silent Spells - lesser Ring     9000 gp 
Ring of Silent Spells - normal Ring     29520 gp 
Robe of Gentle Repose Robe     10000 gp 
Rod of the Twisted Weave Rod     60000 gp