Index of Items by Sources - SF

Sword and Fist

Name Family Category SubCategory Price
Belt of Mighty Prowess Wondrous     108000 gp 
Bow of True Arrows Weapons   Ranged Weapons  4000 gp 
Gloves of Fearsome Grip Wondrous     15000 gp 
Headband of Ferocity Wondrous     2000 gp 
Headband of Perfect Excellence Wondrous     180000 gp 
Ki Straps Wondrous     5000 gp 
Potion of False Life Potion     300 gp 
Potion of Flaming Fists Potion     300 gp 
Ring of Mage Armor Ring     12000 gp 
Ring of Shocking Blows Ring     13000 gp 
Sandals of the Tiger's Leap Wondrous     3500 gp 
Shuriken of Tremendous Shock Weapons   Ranged Weapons  31000 gp 
Vest of False Life Wondrous     12000 gp