Index of Items by Sources - ShS

Shining South

Name Family Category SubCategory Price
Amulet of Proof Againt Petrification Wondrous     66000 gp 
Anchoring Armor Ability     3750 gp 
Anchoring - greater Armor Ability     15000 gp 
Animating Door Wondrous     15000 gp 
Annihilation Doorway Wondrous   Artifact   
Astrolabe of Nimbral Wondrous   Artifact   
Belt of Holy Might Wondrous     70000 gp 
Belt of Priestly Might 2 Wondrous     28000 gp 
Belt of Priestly Might and Warding 2 Wondrous     41000 gp 
Blazing Skylance Weapons     14334 gp 
Blinking Armor Ability     15000 gp 
Blurring Armor Ability     36000 gp 
Comfort Armor Ability     5000 gp 
Crystal Orb Wondrous   Artifact   
Deathstaff Staff   Artifact   
Door of Beasts Wondrous     56000 gp 
Door of Derangement Wondrous     40500 gp 
Door of Mirrors Wondrous     22000 gp 
Door of Negation Wondrous     80000 gp 
Door of Visions Wondrous     8000 gp 
Enervating Weapon Ability     +3 bonus 
Exhausting Weapon Ability     +1 bonus 
Forceful Skylance Weapons     14334 gp 
Freedom Armor Ability     60000 gp 
Great Elixir Wondrous   Artifact   
Halruaan Skyship Wondrous     400000 gp 
Healing Armor Ability     32000 gp 
Health Armor Ability     11250 gp 
Holding Door Wondrous     90000 gp 
Imprisoning Doorway Wondrous   Artifact   
Masking Armor Ability     45000 gp 
Menacing Armor Ability     60000 gp 
Mirror Image Armor Ability     20000 gp 
Ongild Wondrous   Artifact   
Pick of Piercing Weapons     13508 gp 
Pouch of Winds Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  12000 gp 
Proof Against Enchantments Armor Ability     50000 gp 
Rusting Weapon Ability     +1 bonus 
Sailing Armor Ability     20000 gp 
Sanctuary Armor Ability     +1 bonus 
Scourge of Pain Weapons     26320 gp 
Silencing Door Wondrous     12000 gp 
Solution of Stillness Wondrous     9500 gp 
Stun Bolt Weapons   Ammunition  9630 gp 
Sunphelm of Shandaular Wondrous   Artifact   
Vapor Bottle Wondrous   Adventuring Gear  5400 gp 
Vermin Controlling Armor Ability     49000 gp 
Weakening Weapon Ability     +3 bonus 
Whip of Constricting Weapons     97381 gp 
Wraith Doorway Wondrous   Artifact   
Zarangan Wondrous   Artifact