Index of Items by Slot - Feet

Name Family Category SubCategory Price
Boots of Big Stepping Wondrous     11200 gp 
Boots of Charging Wondrous     5000 gp 
Boots of Dancing Cursed     30,000 gp 
Boots of Dragonstriding Wondrous     10000 gp 
Boots of Elvenkind Wondrous     2,500 gp 
Boots of Endurance Wondrous     16000 gp 
Boots of Gravity Wondrous     50400 gp 
Boots of Landing Universal Items   Psionic  1,000 gp 
Boots of Levitation Wondrous     7,500 gp 
Boots of Skating Universal Items   Psionic  7,000 gp 
Boots of Speed Wondrous     12,000 gp 
Boots of Stomping Universal Items   Psionic  600 gp 
Boots of Striding and Springing Wondrous     5,500 gp 
Boots of Swiftness Wondrous   Epic  256,000 gp 
Boots of Teleportation Wondrous     49,000 gp 
Boots of Temporal Acceleration Universal Items   Psionic  43,200 gp 
Boots of the Mountain King Wondrous     48810 gp 
Boots of the Sea Wondrous     56500 gp 
Boots of the Unending Journey Wondrous Relic    23600 gp 
Boots of the Winterlands Wondrous     2,500 gp 
Boots of Tracklessness Wondrous     33500 gp 
Boots of Tremorsense Wondrous     45000 gp 
Boots of Woodland Striding Wondrous     23600 gp 
Gwaeron's Boots Wondrous     6000 gp 
Horseshoes of A Zephyr Wondrous     6,000 gp 
Horseshoes of Speed Wondrous     3,000 gp 
Horseshoes of the Peerless Steed Wondrous   Epic  217,000 gp 
Riding Boots Wondrous     12000 gp 
Rock Boots Wondrous     3000 gp 
Sandals of Springing Universal Items     6000 gp 
Sandals of Sprinting Wondrous     8000 gp 
Sandals of the Shifting Sands Wondrous     2500 gp 
Sandals of the Tiger's Leap Wondrous     3500 gp 
Shaundakul's Boots Wondrous     6300 gp 
Slippers of Battledancing Wondrous     33750 gp 
Steadfast Boots Wondrous     6,000 gp 
Vanguard Treads Wondrous     3000 gp 
Wanderer's Boots Wondrous     7800 gp 
Winged Boots Wondrous     16,000 gp