Index of Spells by Level - Exalted Arcanist 6

School Casting Time Source Book
Save - Res Level Comps
Dur Range Recharge
Bolt of Glory
Evocation [Positive] [Good] 1 standard action SRD
None - Yes Arc 6, Clr 6, Exalted Arcanist 6, Glory 6 V, S, DF
Instant Close General

Positive energy ray deals extra damage to evil outsiders and undead.

Planar Ally (XP)
Conjuration (Calling) [Varies] 10 minutes SRD
None - No APeace 6, Arc 6, Clr 6, DrgBlw 6, Exalted Arcanist 6, Hth 6, Summoner 6 V, S, DF, XP
Instant Close 24 hours

As lesser planar ally, but up to 12 HD.

Visage of The Deity
    Complete Divine
  APeace 6, Arc 6, Clr 6, Exalted Arcanist 6, Herald 7, Mysticism 6  

As visage of the deity, lesser, but you become celestial or fiendish.