Power Points15
RangeSelected Pokemon
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest Typecute
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
Diamond Machine
Black/White Machine
BattleLowers the target's accuracy by one stage.
ContestAttempts to jam all Pokemon that have appealed this turn. If a Pokemon is in combo standby status, it is jammed 5 points instead of 1.

See detailed breeding chart.

Pidgey Normal Flying 5
Pidgeotto Normal Flying 1 P
Pidgeotto Normal Flying 5 P
Pidgeot Normal Flying 1 P
Pidgeot Normal Flying 5 P
Sandshrew Ground 7
Sandslash Ground 1 P
Sandslash Ground 7 P
Diglett Ground 1
Dugtrio Ground 1 P
Farfetch'd Normal Flying 1
Eevee Normal 8
Vaporeon Water 8 P
Jolteon Electric 8 P
Flareon Fire 8 P
Kabuto Rock Water 21
Kabutops Rock Water 21 P
Mareep Electric E
Flaaffy Electric P
Ampharos Electric P
Aipom Normal 4
Espeon Psychic 8 P
Umbreon Dark 8 P
Gligar Ground Flying 5
Skarmory Steel Flying 6
Stantler Normal 16
Torchic Fire 19
Combusken Fire Fighting 21 P
Blaziken Fire Fighting 21 P
Poochyena Dark 9
Mightyena Dark 1 P
Mightyena Dark 9 P
Zigzagoon Normal 13
Linoone Normal 13 P
Nincada Bug Ground 9
Ninjask Bug Flying 1 P
Ninjask Bug Flying 9 P
Shedinja Bug Ghost 9 P
Makuhita Fighting 4
Hariyama Fighting 1 P
Hariyama Fighting 4 P
Trapinch Ground 9
Vibrava Ground Dragon 1 P
Vibrava Ground Dragon 9 P
Flygon Ground Dragon 1 P
Flygon Ground Dragon 9 P
Cacnea Grass 17
Cacturne Grass Dark 17 P
Anorith Rock Bug E
Armaldo Rock Bug P
Starly Normal Flying E
Staravia Normal Flying P
Staraptor Normal Flying P
Ambipom Normal 1 P
Ambipom Normal 4 P
Glameow Normal E
Purugly Normal P
Gible Dragon Ground 3
Gabite Dragon Ground 1 P
Gabite Dragon Ground 3 P
Garchomp Dragon Ground 1 P
Garchomp Dragon Ground 3 P
Hippopotas Ground 1
Hippowdon Ground 1 P
Skorupi Poison Bug E
Drapion Poison Dark P
Leafeon Grass 8 P
Glaceon Ice 8 P
Gliscor Ground Flying 1 P
Gliscor Ground Flying 5 P
Patrat Normal 13
Watchog Normal 13 P
Lillipup Normal E
Herdier Normal P
Stoutland Normal P
Purrloin Dark 10
Liepard Dark 1 P
Liepard Dark 10 P
Blitzle Electric E
Zebstrika Electric P
Roggenrola Rock 7
Boldore Rock 1 P
Boldore Rock 7 P
Gigalith Rock 1 P
Gigalith Rock 7 P
Sandile Ground Dark 7
Krokorok Ground Dark 1 P
Krokorok Ground Dark 7 P
Krookodile Ground Dark 1 P
Krookodile Ground Dark 7 P
Dwebble Bug Rock 11
Crustle Bug Rock 1 P
Crustle Bug Rock 11 P
Scraggy Dark Fighting 5
Scrafty Dark Fighting 1 P
Scrafty Dark Fighting 5 P
Trubbish Poison E
Garbodor Poison P
Deerling Normal Grass 7
Sawsbuck Normal Grass 1 P
Sawsbuck Normal Grass 7 P
Durant Bug Steel 1