Mud Shot

NameMud Shot
Power Points15
RangeSelected Pokemon
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest Typetough
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
Diamond Machine
Black/White Machine
BattleHas a 100% chance to lower the target's Speed by one stage.
ContestAttempts to jam all Pokemon that have appealed this turn.

See detailed breeding chart.

Sandshrew Ground E
Sandslash Ground P
Poliwag Water 28 E
Poliwhirl Water 32 P
Poliwrath Water Fighting P
Shellder Water E
Cloyster Water Ice P
Krabby Water 19
Kingler Water 19 P
Goldeen Water E
Seaking Water P
Omanyte Rock Water 25
Omastar Rock Water 25 P
Kabuto Rock Water 16 E
Kabutops Rock Water 16 P
Politoed Water P
Wooper Water Ground 9
Quagsire Water Ground 9 P
Swinub Ice Ground E
Piloswine Ice Ground P
Remoraid Water E
Octillery Water P
Marshtomp Water Ground 16
Swampert Water Ground 16 P
Surskit Bug Water E
Masquerain Bug Flying P
Trapinch Ground E
Vibrava Ground Dragon P
Flygon Ground Dragon P
Barboach Water Ground E
Whiscash Water Ground P
Relicanth Water Rock E
Groudon Ground 1
Gible Dragon Ground E
Gabite Dragon Ground P
Garchomp Dragon Ground P
Mamoswine Ice Ground P
Tympole Water 16
Palpitoad Water Ground 16 P
Seismitoad Water Ground 16 P
Basculin Water E
Stunfisk Ground Electric 13
Bouffalant Normal E
Landorus Ground Flying 1