Wake-Up Slap

NameWake-Up Slap
Power Points10
RangeSelected Pokemon
Contacts Other PokemonNo
Contest Typesmart
Red Machine
Gold Machine
Ruby Machine
Diamond Machine
Black/White Machine
BattleIf the target is asleep, has double power and wakes it up.

See detailed breeding chart.

Meloetta Normal Fighting 50
Clefairy Normal 22
Clefable Normal P
Jigglypuff Normal 41
Wigglytuff Normal P
Poliwag Water 35
Poliwhirl Water 43 P
Poliwrath Water Fighting P
Machop Fighting 37
Machoke Fighting 40 P
Machamp Fighting 40 P
Mr. Mime Psychic EP
Jynx Ice Psychic 33 P
Politoed Water P
Smoochum Ice Psychic E
Miltank Normal 55
Shroomish Grass E
Breloom Grass Fighting P
Makuhita Fighting 34 E
Hariyama Fighting 42 P
Skitty Normal 32
Delcatty Normal P
Glameow Normal E
Purugly Normal P
Mime Jr. Psychic E
Croagunk Poison Fighting E
Toxicroak Poison Fighting P
Froslass Ice Ghost 28
Timburr Fighting 20
Gurdurr Fighting 20 P
Conkeldurr Fighting 20 P
Minccino Normal 31
Cinccino Normal P
Alomomola Water 29
Meloetta Normal Psychic 50