Index of Monsters by Types - Undead

Name Map Tool Token Link Family Type Size CR
AllipRPTok Allip Undead Medium 3
AtropalRPTok Abomination Undead Large 30
BansheeRPTok Banshee Undead Medium 17
7th-Level Fighter/3rd-Level BlackguardRPTok Death Knight Undead Medium 13
BodakRPTok Bodak Undead Medium 8
Bone NagaRPTok Bone Naga Undead Large 11
Bugbear ZombieRPTok Zombie Undead Medium 2
Caller in DarknessRPTok Caller in Darkness Undead Large 9
Chimera SkeletonRPTok Skeleton Undead Large 4
Cloud Giant SkeletonRPTok Skeleton Undead Huge 7
Corpse GathererRPTok Corpse Gatherer Undead Gargantuan 19
Crimson DeathRPTok Crimson Death Undead Medium 11
DeathbringerRPTok Deathbringer Undead Large 17
DemilichRPTok Demilich Undead Diminutive 29
DevourerRPTok Devourer Undead Large 11
Dread WraithRPTok Wraith Undead Large 11
EffigyRPTok Effigy Undead Medium 17
Ettin SkeletonRPTok Skeleton Undead Large 5
Famine SpiritRPTok Famine Spirit Undead Medium 19
GhastRPTok Ghoul Undead Medium 3
GhoulRPTok Ghoul Undead Medium 1
GravecrawlerRPTok Gravecrawler Undead Small 16
Gray Render ZombieRPTok Zombie Undead Large 6
Human Commoner ZombieRPTok Zombie Undead Medium 1/2
Human Warrior SkeletonRPTok Skeleton Undead Medium 1/3
HuneferRPTok Hunefer Undead Medium 25
JahiRPTok Jahi Undead Tiny 16
Kobold ZombieRPTok Zombie Undead Small 1/2
LavawightRPTok Lavawight Undead Medium 23
Minotaur ZombieRPTok Zombie Undead Large 4
MohrgRPTok Mohrg Undead Medium 8
MummyRPTok Mummy Undead Medium 5
10th-Level Cleric Mummy LordRPTok Mummy Undead Medium 15
NightcrawlerRPTok Nightshade Undead Gargantuan 18
NightwalkerRPTok Nightshade Undead Huge 16
NightwingRPTok Nightshade Undead Huge 14
Ogre ZombieRPTok Zombie Undead Large 3
Owlbear SkeletonRPTok Skeleton Undead Large 2
RagewindRPTok Ragewind Undead Large 19
ShadowRPTok Shadow Undead Medium 3
Shadow of the VoidRPTok Shadow of the Void Undead Large 26
Greater ShadowRPTok Shadow Undead Medium 8
Shape of FireRPTok Shape of Fire Undead Large 26
Advanced Megaraptor SkeletonRPTok Skeleton Undead Huge 6
Spawn of KyussRPTok Spawn of Kyuss Undead Medium 5
SpectreRPTok Spectre Undead Medium 7
Spellstitched GhastRPTok Spellstitched Undead Medium 4
Troglodyte ZombieRPTok Zombie Undead Medium 1
Troll SkeletonRPTok Skeleton Undead Large 3
Vampire SpawnRPTok Vampire Undead Medium 4
WightRPTok Wight Undead Medium 3
WinterwightRPTok Winterwight Undead Medium 23
Wolf SkeletonRPTok Skeleton Undead Medium 1
WraithRPTok Wraith Undead Medium 5
Wyvern ZombieRPTok Zombie Undead Large 4
Young Adult Red Dragon SkeletonRPTok Skeleton Undead Huge 8