Index of Monsters by Types - Undead

Name Map Tool Token Link Type
AllipRPTok Undead
AtropalRPTok Undead
BansheeRPTok Undead
7th-Level Fighter/3rd-Level BlackguardRPTok Undead
BodakRPTok Undead
Bone NagaRPTok Undead
Bugbear ZombieRPTok Undead
Caller in DarknessRPTok Undead
Chimera SkeletonRPTok Undead
Cloud Giant SkeletonRPTok Undead
Corpse GathererRPTok Undead
Crimson DeathRPTok Undead
DeathbringerRPTok Undead
DemilichRPTok Undead
DevourerRPTok Undead
Dread WraithRPTok Undead
EffigyRPTok Undead
Ettin SkeletonRPTok Undead
Famine SpiritRPTok Undead
GhastRPTok Undead
GhoulRPTok Undead
GravecrawlerRPTok Undead
Gray Render ZombieRPTok Undead
Human Commoner ZombieRPTok Undead
Human Warrior SkeletonRPTok Undead
HuneferRPTok Undead
JahiRPTok Undead
Kobold ZombieRPTok Undead
LavawightRPTok Undead
Minotaur ZombieRPTok Undead
MohrgRPTok Undead
MummyRPTok Undead
10th-Level Cleric Mummy LordRPTok Undead
NightcrawlerRPTok Undead
NightwalkerRPTok Undead
NightwingRPTok Undead
Ogre ZombieRPTok Undead
Owlbear SkeletonRPTok Undead
RagewindRPTok Undead
ShadowRPTok Undead
Shadow of the VoidRPTok Undead
Greater ShadowRPTok Undead
Shape of FireRPTok Undead
Advanced Megaraptor SkeletonRPTok Undead
Spawn of KyussRPTok Undead
SpectreRPTok Undead
Spellstitched GhastRPTok Undead
Troglodyte ZombieRPTok Undead
Troll SkeletonRPTok Undead
Vampire SpawnRPTok Undead
WightRPTok Undead
WinterwightRPTok Undead
Wolf SkeletonRPTok Undead
WraithRPTok Undead
Wyvern ZombieRPTok Undead
Young Adult Red Dragon SkeletonRPTok Undead